Monthly Archives: March 2016

Corona 1.3 Benchmark

Today we have finally updated our standalone benchmark. Download it and share your results now! Compared to the last benchmark we have updated the rendering core, made the scene more challenging, and added easy verification and sharing of render times. Everything is a one-click solution now, no manual copy/pasting required. All times you choose to publish are displayed in a table here. This comes handy especially when you are selecting a new hardware to run Corona.


Corona Standalone Redesigned

From the technical standpoint, the most interesting thing is that the benchmark showcases the possibilities of our new standalone format, which is now much more powerful than ever before. It supports procedural maps, shader networks, and the compressed Corona proxy format for geometry. We are hoping the standalone application will become a viable alternative for distributed rendering some day.  You can try it yourself today if you are feeling lucky. Both export and import is a one-click solution, no 3ds Max is necessary, and speedups of up to 30% were reported compared to rendering inside 3ds Max. Some maps are still not supported, but we are working on that.


I would like to thank Robin, who was the primary developer of the benchmark application. That is it; everything left to do now is to download the benchmark and share its results with the community so we can build a comprehensive database of Corona Renderer performance with different CPUs. Stay tuned for the next blog post, in which we will talk about licensing and pricing improvements we have in mind for 2016.