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Corona Renderer 1.4 Demo refresh

Corona 1.4 Demo Refresh

Corona 1.4 features some huge changes that transform both render times and workflow, making it almost like a different product.

For that reason, we have refreshed the clock on the demo – if you tried an earlier version and your demo expired, you can now try the demo of 1.4 and see just how far Corona has come!

Please note that this ‘refresher’ trial period will be 15 days for those of you who had an expired demo (new demo users still get the full 45 days). Also, this re-activation can only be done once per computer, so make sure you do that when you have plenty of time as you will be hooked once you start using Corona 1.4!

You can see all the changes in this release over on our announcement page – and now you can try those features for yourself even if you’d tested Corona before. Simply install Corona, and you can activate the refreshed demo period right from within Max. Enjoy!

Download Corona 1.4

AsymmetricA – The Dachong Development

AsymmetricA recently worked on the Dachong development, producing day and night versions of the shot, and they spoke with us about how they created those complimentary images – be sure to open the larger versions of the images to see the extraordinary level of detail!

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Malak and the Boat – André Holzmeister


Exemplary animator André Holzmeister created ‘Malak and the Boat‘ to tell seven-year-old Malak’s harrowing story of her journey across the Mediterranean seeking shelter from the Syrian conflict. The animation is a key asset in Unicef’s ‘Unfairy Tales’ campaign to raise awareness of the impact of the Syrian crisis on the lives of children. We spoke with him to find out more about this project.

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Museum of Modern Art – virtual tour by Guillermo Leal LLaguno

Guillermo Leal LLaguno of Steelblue created a virtual tour of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as his personal project. Click on the image below to experience the virtual tour, and read more to find out how it was made.

Museum of Modern Art - Guillermo LLaguno - Corona Renderer 1

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Corona Renderer 1.4 for 3ds Max released

Corona 1.4 Blog Banner

We are proud to present to you Corona Renderer 1.4 for Autodesk 3ds Max! This release focuses on significantly reducing your render times (just check the stats that have been reported below) and speeding up your workflow, as well as increasing stability. The team has worked hard on this, and I’d like to thank them for taking Corona to the next level.

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Eduard Caliman – Interior Visuals

Today we present to you a set of amazing interior renders by 3D artist Eduard Caliman:

Corona Renderer - Eduard Caliman - Luxurious Living Room 1

Hi, my name is Eduard Caliman and I own a visualization studio in the UK where I create visuals for interior design studios, architects, creative agencies and product manufacturing companies.

Continue reading to see further examples of artwork by Eduard, and find out why Corona is his favorite render engine…

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Corona 1.4 Release Candidate and Betatesting Giveaway

Corona 1.4 RC2

The long awaited release of Corona version 1.4 is getting closer! We’ve had a release candidate out for a few days, and we are just hunting the last remaining bugs. Once again, we need your help with that!

Just like for version 1.3, we are doing a little giveaway – we will reward the best three bug reports with a free 1 year Corona FairSaaS license (1WS + 3 NODES). All other meaningful bug reports will be rewarded with a 50% discount on a 1 year FairSaaS license.

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