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How Cityscape Digital created the images for Blue Abyss, the world’s deepest indoor pool

Cityscape Digital were recently appointed by Blue Abyss, the company behind the ambitious project to build the world’s deepest indoor dive and astronaut training centre, as their VR Partner.  Cityscape Digital are producing a VR model and support imagery for design, communications and marketing needs.

As part of this work Cityscape selected Corona Renderer for production of the still press images. Using the latest VR and game engine based visualisation technology, Cityscape Digital is enabling a rapid iterative design process, where the client Blue Abyss, the designers and stakeholders can collaborate in an innovative way. As the design evolves, key target investors, users and general public will be able to explore the ground-breaking new Dive Centre long before it’s built.

Cityscape Digital worked with Blue Abyss to produce a VR model for live presentations and roadshows giving a compelling first person experience. For the recent press releases, Blue Abyss wanted a video and a hero image to really capture the public’s imagination. The video was produced using a live export from Unreal 4 and Cityscape selected Corona Renderer for the production of the hero image for the main press release.


We had a chance to ask David Connolly from Cityscape Digital some questions about this exciting project!
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Romeu&Julieta – All Made With Love

Romeu&Julieta were listed as one of the top 10 digital art studios in the world by Larva Graphics earlier this year, and we got a chance to ask them some questions about their work on the “Trident + Lollapalooza 2016′ campaign – created in just 7 days!

Romeu&Julieta_Trident Lollapalooza Campaign Image 2

Read our Q&A with Jean from Romeu&Julieta….

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Francesco Legrenzi – The Making Of A Mountain Home Interior

Francesco Legrenzi of Legrenzi Studio prepared a ‘making-of’ for a project created in Corona 1.3, where he reveals some of his workflow secrets which eventually led to the creation of an amazing, photoreal interior.

Corona Renderer - Francesco Legrenzi - Mountain Home Interior 01

1. Introduction

First, I would like to personally thank Ondra Karlík and the whole Corona team for the enormous effort that has eventually resulted in what I believe is currently the best 3ds Max rendering engine for architecture and design. Many users around the world, from inexperienced students to skilled professionals, are now migrating to this wonderful program.

It’s been three years now that I have been using Corona in all of my projects. Our studio is relatively small, so we cannot use two different rendering engines. At one point, we had to make a choice. Three years ago it might have seemed risky. But it quickly turned out to be a very smart decision.

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Corona Benchmark for OS X released

Corona Mac Benchmark

We’re pleased to launch the Corona Benchmark application for OS X!

This represents an important milestone for us. What you see here is a fully working version of Corona, using the same technology and rendering core as the Windows platform. The only difference at the moment is that it has no hooks into an external modeling program.

We’d ask you all to run the benchmark as the more people that try it, the more it will help this proof-of-concept and identify if there are any remaining issues with the conversion. Do please post your results (it’s an easy one click from within the benchmark to send them) and those results will post to the same table as the Windows results but will be marked in the listing as “OS X” (no flame wars, please! ;))

It took a lot of work to convert Corona across to OS X – 4 months of dedicated work by a single developer focused on the task – but we did it!

Coming Next….

As always when we release something new, we’re not taking any time to pause. Instead, we will be pressing on with our other plans, including a Linux version which should be simpler to complete now that the OS X version is done and could see a release later this year; a standalone version of Corona on the OS X; and of course the OS X version of Corona for Cinema4D. We’ll keep you updated!


Josu Solano – Using Corona for Concept Art

For concept artists, 3D can be just one step in the process in creating a final illustration. Josu Solano uses Corona to create his artwork, and he shared his creative process with us to show how it can make the world of difference for concept artists like himself.

Josu Solano - Tribal Village 2 Final

Continue reading to learn about Josu’s workflow…

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A Dark Jedi and a Renegade Princess by Jeronimo Gomez

Take a trip to the dark side! Even when 3D is just one step along the way, Corona is a powerful addition to your toolset. Jeronimo Gomez tells us how he used Corona’s rendering passes to create the template for his image, and then used photobashing and over-painting to give the final result.

CGPlus_Reimagine Star Wars Contest_Jeronimo Gomez_FINAL

Read on to see how Jeronimo created his image…

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