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Pikcells – 15 years in the 3D industry

Pikcells are a design-driven studio, founded in Huddersfield, UK, in 2003. They mostly focus on high-end CGI for retail, furniture and interior room sets, along with lots of creative experimentation. We spoke with Creative Director Richard Benson about their 15 year journey and some of the changes they’ve gone through in that time!

Pikcells, Macaroon kitchen design

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One Day Love

In past articles, we’ve explored the work that goes into VFX from the point of view of the CGI artist – this time though we take a different view of the process, talking with Michael Mizrachi about the director’s point of view when working with lots of CGI, as happened in his recent work on the music video for “One Day Love“.

One Day Love from Michael Mizrachi on Vimeo.

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Know Your Devs – Ondra Karlik

With Corona Renderer, you don’t just get the software, you also get the team behind it. Using the software will teach you about that, but how do you get to know about the team?

That question gave us a new idea, “Know Your Devs”, where we invite users to post their questions for a particular developer, starting with… Ondra Karlik!

Ondra Karlik

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Juan Monsivais – visualizing the past, and training for the future

Juan Monsivais is a 3D visualizer who recently became a Corona Certified Instructor. We spoke with him about how he got started in 3D, took a look at some of his artwork through the years with V-Ray and Corona Renderer, and asked him what his passions are and about his plans for the future of the training he offers!

Juan Monsivais Sphere Exterior

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Exhibition in Tehran

Milad Kambari is a 3D visualizer based in Tehran who recently decided to host an exhibition there of 3D artwork made by various artists using Corona Renderer. We caught up with him to learn a little about him, to hear about how the exhibition went, and take a look at some of the renders that were (literally!) on show:

Milad Kambari, photo from the exhibition in Tehran

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Claudio Gallego – Babyfoot and Billiards

Claudio Gallego is a 3D artist who has been creating renders for online configuration tools that allow users to view a product with different styles, finishes and environments which they can pick for themselves. These require many tens of thousands of renders to handle all the possible combinations, and we spoke with him to find how he manages these kinds of projects!

Claudio Gallego Toulet Billiards Configuration Tool 01

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Behind the scenes at a render farm, with GarageFarm.NET

Whether 3D is your hobby or your career, it’s quite likely that at some point you have used a render farm. Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes, what goes into running one, and when people choose to turn to a render farm to help out? We spoke with Lucas B, Director of Operations at GarageFarm.NET to find out!

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Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 1 released!

We are pleased to announce that Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 1 is released!

The main purpose of Beta 1 was the implementation of Interactive Rendering. To be able to do that, we have rewritten a big part of the plugin (nearly every part of the plugin was touched), so it took quite a long time to stabilize all of Corona Renderer with so many changes.

The good news is that this big rewrite allowed us to implement Interactive Rendering that includes support of standard Cinema 4D and 3rd-party shaders, and that it also allowed us to quickly implement the Shadow Catcher and finally native Material stacking, so I am sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait!

During the development of Beta 1, we updated twice to the new core, first to 1.6 and then to 1.7.2, which is the most up-to-date core. We also released 21 daily builds, so we’d like to thank all of you for testing them and helping us to finally release the stable version!

Compared to the previous Alpha version, there have been a huge number of bug fixes (some longer-existing bugs still persist, but that’s why we’ve always had Beta 2 planned), and there have been a lot of new features and new functionality implemented.

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Interview with Andrew Krivulya (a.k.a. Charly Tutors)

Andrew Krivulya is a 3D outsourcer who has recently been sharing his work on his “Forester” project created using Corona Renderer. He also creates tutorials, and does travel photography and videos,  and we spoke to him about the life of a freelancer, and what’s in store with the “Forester” project!

The Forester, by Andrew Krivulya

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Sergey Poltavskiy – Automotive rendering

Sergey Poltavskiy is a 3D artist from the State of Georgia who primarily focuses on automotive rendering. He creates his own backplates and HDRIs, and does automotive photography too. We spoke with him to learn how he got started, and what advice and tips he has to share!

Sergey Poltavskiy Mercedes

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