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If you need a specific older version of Corona, you will find it here.


Here are the older versions of Chaos Corona in case you need to revert because of a bug or when returning to an older project. If you need any other installer, please contact us at

Corona for Cinema 4D

7 (hotfix 2)

Released on Aug 4th 2021 (hotfix on Sep 27th 2021)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-R25

Selected key new features

  • New Physical Material with Sheen, Clearcoat, 35 presets, and more, for greater realism and closer adherence to industry standards
  • Corona Sky updated with aerial perspective, altitude, and turbidity controls
  • Faster rendering, faster denoising, faster scene opening, and faster transparency/absorption
  • Corona Material Library added - over 500 materials to use instantly in your scenes
  • Corona Volume Grid added, allowing loading of OpenVDB for smoke, fire, etc.

6 (hotfix 2)

Released on Aug 25th 2020 (hotfix on Apr 28th 2021)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-S24

Selected key new features

  • The New Sky Model
  • New Lens Effects
  • The Corona Distance Shader for a vast range of effects
  • Avoid texture repetitions with updates to the UvwRandomizer
  • The New Adaptive Environment Sampler

5 (hotfix 2)

Released on Nov 27th 2019 (hotfix on Jan 17th 2020)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-R21

Selected key new features

  • 2.5D Displacement significantly saving memory and reducing parsing times
  • Faster caustics with memory savings, greater accuracy, and other improvements
  • New Corona Sky object, for multiple environments in LightMix
  • Corona Proxy handling and memory usage greatly improved, and added support for animation
  • Select Material and Shader added, allowing an object to store multiple shaders or materials

4 (hotfix 3)

Released on Jun 17th 2019 (hotfix on Sep 26th 2019)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-R21

Selected key new features

  • Realistic Caustics
  • Interactive Rendering in any Cinema 4D viewport
  • Intel AI Denoising (any CPU)
  • Fisheye mode for Corona Camera Tag
  • LightMix: Multiple Suns for different times of day

3 (hotfix 2)

Released on Jan 7th 2019 (hotfix on Mar 29th 2019)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-R20

Selected key new features

  • First commercial release
  • LightMix
  • Interactive Rendering
  • Corona Node Material Editor
  • Corona Image Editor