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Here are the older versions of Chaos Corona in case you need to revert because of a bug or when returning to an older project. If you need any other installer, please contact us at

Corona for Cinema 4D

10 (hotfix 2)

Released on June 22, 2023 (hotfix on Oct 5, 2023)
Works with Cinema 4D R17 - 2024

Selected key new features

  • Corona Decal “by channel” allows you to have individual control over the material channels affected by a Corona Decal.
  • Cameras inside volumetric materials let you fly cameras through smoke and clouds, or have them half-submerged in water with accurate rendering.
  • Brighter, more accurate Caustics when rendering to large resolutions.
  • Corona Lister lets you view and adjust all the Lights, Proxies, Displacement materials, and Cameras, in your scene.

9 (hotfix 1)

Released on Oct 17th 2022 (hotfix on Dec 1st 2023)
Works with Cinema 4D R17 - 2023

Selected key new features

  • Procedural Clouds add detail to the Corona Sky, with control over cloud cover, shape, and more, and they can be animated too.
  • Corona Pattern lets you tile geometry over a surface just like tiling a texture, so that you can create more realistic fabrics, wire fences, jewelry, and more.
  • Scatter Edge Trimming gives you control over the edges of lawns and other scattered surfaces.
  • Out of Core Textures reduces the amount of memory needed by Corona Bitmaps.

8 (hotfix 1)

Released on Apr 13th 2022 (hotfix on Jun 14th 2022)
Works with Cinema 4D R14 -S26

Selected key new features

  • Customisable tone mapping in the VFB gives more realistic results, and lets you create your own customizable stack of tone mapping controls.
  • Chaos Scatter brings new functionality such as Slope Limitation and Spline Include/Excludes.
  • Corona Decal for easy addition of details to surfaces. Works with displacement.
  • Chaos Cosmos gives instant access to models, materials, HDRIs and more, so you can build scenes quicker than ever.
  • Name changed to Chaos Corona.

7 (hotfix 2)

Released on Aug 4th 2021 (hotfix on Sep 27th 2021)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-R25

Selected key new features

  • New Physical Material with Sheen, Clearcoat, 35 presets, and more, for greater realism and closer adherence to industry standards
  • Corona Sky updated with aerial perspective, altitude, and turbidity controls
  • Faster rendering, faster denoising, faster scene opening, and faster transparency/absorption
  • Corona Material Library added - over 500 materials to use instantly in your scenes
  • Corona Volume Grid added, allowing loading of OpenVDB for smoke, fire, etc.

6 (hotfix 2)

Released on Aug 25th 2020 (hotfix on Apr 28th 2021)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-S24

Selected key new features

  • The New Sky Model
  • New Lens Effects
  • The Corona Distance Shader for a vast range of effects
  • Avoid texture repetitions with updates to the UvwRandomizer
  • The New Adaptive Environment Sampler

5 (hotfix 2)

Released on Nov 27th 2019 (hotfix on Jan 17th 2020)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-R21

Selected key new features

  • 2.5D Displacement significantly saving memory and reducing parsing times
  • Faster caustics with memory savings, greater accuracy, and other improvements
  • New Corona Sky object, for multiple environments in LightMix
  • Corona Proxy handling and memory usage greatly improved, and added support for animation
  • Select Material and Shader added, allowing an object to store multiple shaders or materials

4 (hotfix 3)

Released on Jun 17th 2019 (hotfix on Sep 26th 2019)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-R21

Selected key new features

  • Realistic Caustics
  • Interactive Rendering in any Cinema 4D viewport
  • Intel AI Denoising (any CPU)
  • Fisheye mode for Corona Camera Tag
  • LightMix: Multiple Suns for different times of day

3 (hotfix 2)

Released on Jan 7th 2019 (hotfix on Mar 29th 2019)
Works with Cinema 4D R14-R20

Selected key new features

  • First commercial release
  • LightMix
  • Interactive Rendering
  • Corona Node Material Editor
  • Corona Image Editor