Chaos Corona is your most accessible entry point
to the Chaos ecosystem.

Namik Pirkic, Bosnia

We have two simple goals:

  1. to make Chaos Corona affordable for as many users as possible, and
  2. to secure reliable funding for the development of Chaos Corona so that it keeps improving.
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The global reach of Chaos Corona

Corona is actively used in 143 countries around the world, and that means the average wage for our users can differ by a factor of 20. Even with today’s internet, most CG artists work for local customers, and that means at local prices.

We want to offer our product to the broadest audience around the globe for a fair price that would suit everyone. Traditional perpetual license models don’t fit this concept as they require a large up–front investment, which is unaffordable to many.

Also, we don’t limit our releases to one upgrade every year, and a perpetual upgrade model would mean the need to pay frequent upgrade pricing to avoid falling behind with the latest new features. Those are the reasons why we use a subscription-based model, breaking the price down into manageable payments, all while ensuring users always have the latest version of Corona at a price they can plan for.

Licensing options

  • Subscription

Both monthly and annual subscriptions are available. You can read the FAQ for more details and get answers to any questions you may have.

  • Educational licensing

Educational licensing is also available for students, educators, and universities at a greatly discounted price. Read about Educational licensing to learn more.

Social responsibility

We want to make a difference to more than just the world of rendering, so we contribute some money from our business to those who are less fortunate. We donate part of our revenue to global and local charities, and our team members help to decide where the money should go.

Download Corona

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