Distributed Rendering

Corona offers multiple distributed rendering options.
Pick the one best for your render farm.

Namik Pirkic, Bosnia

Rendering with multiple computers is made simple by Chaos Corona. It has its own distributed rendering system, and is also compatible with 3ds Max’s native Backburner, Thinkbox’s Deadline render farm management systems, and Cinema 4D’s native Team Render (which replaces Corona’s own Distributed Rendering, as well as Backburner). With these options, through the use of licensed Render Nodes, you can easily leverage multiple computers that you own to reduce render times.

Corona is also supported on a number of commercial render farms.

Porshe Cayman GT4 by Onur Dursun | duronautomotive.de

3ds Max

Auto discovery of render slaves

Setting up Chaos Corona’s distributed rendering (DR) is easy. Just make sure all render nodes have Backburner and Corona DR server installed on them. The search process is automatic and Chaos Corona can even search for render nodes during rendering – render nodes will connect and disconnect automatically as you turn the computers on or off, without stopping the render!

Slaves automatically gather missing assets

When using Corona DR, you don’t have to give a second thought to where your assets are located – slaves will automatically gather models and textures before rendering.

Fast and simple

3ds Max is spawned immediately on slaves after the DR server starts, letting them begin rendering much faster. Corona DR works with adaptivity, respect VFB render regions, while the UI keeps you informed of the status of all the slaves, how much memory they are using, and how many passes they have contributed to the current render.

Cinema 4D

Team Render

Cinema 4D is much more flexible out of the box than 3ds Max. It’s native Team Render plays the role of both Backburner through the web server version (allowing you to have multiple machines each rendering its own frame in an animation for example) and replaces any need for Corona’s DR, as you can use the Team Render To Picture Viewer option to have all machines contribute to the rendering of a single image or frame at the same time.

Please see Maxon’s own guides on using Team Render for instructions on how to use these features.

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