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Sergio Perco

As a Corona user and part of the Chaos family, you might be interested in a few other Chaos tools that can help you on your next project. If you’re looking for a fast and smooth way to playback your rendered animation frames, check out Chaos Player. And you can simulate ocean waves, pool water, or a fireplace with Chaos Phoenix’s artist-friendly features.

Both Chaos Player and Chaos Phoenix work seamlessly with Corona, and you can manage all your licenses straight from your Chaos account.

Chaos Player

Your frames just finished rendering. Now you want a fast and easy way to review your animation. That’s what Chaos Player is built for. Simply load your rendered sequence and hit play.

In addition to its smooth and fast playback, Chaos Player includes tools for quick compositing, color corrections, and collaboration. It’s perfect for reviews and approvals.

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Note for new artists: It’s always best to render any animations to an image sequence — it makes it easy to replace certain frames if a client requests changes, and if the power goes out during a render you don’t have to start all over again. Chaos Player is ideal to check and work with your image sequence without firing up some expensive, overly-complex, and resource-hungry video editing app!

Chaos Phoenix

(3ds Max only)

Recent Spaces

Add drama and interest to your scenes with realistic simulations of fire, water, oceans, and more. Chaos Phoenix is an artist-friendly tool for creating all types of dynamic effects.

And it’s not just for VFX. In arch-viz, it’s perfect for creating pools, fountains, and fireplaces. For automotive specialists, it can help you burn some rubber in your next car animation. There are a million ways to use the power of the Phoenix!

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Coming soon

Thanks to our switch to the Chaos licensing system with the release of Corona 8, we can now start work on bringing Corona users compatibility with other optional Chaos tools such as Chaos Cloud and Chaos Scans - keep an eye on our roadmap for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D to check on plans for making these available to Corona users.

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