What’s in development

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes look at what is in development for Corona!

Here we will take a look at features that are already in progress, and longer term plans. Don’t forget to check our 3ds Max Roadmap and Cinema 4D Roadmap for more detailed plans and timescales.

Please remember that everything here is our plans, and since they are only plans it is possible some of these features may not appear in a particular version, or even may not appear at all.

Corona 12 plans

Corona 11 has just been released at the time of writing, and you can check out the details on all of the new features on the What’s New page.

While the release is still fresh, we are actively developing our plans for Corona 12. Here is a sneak peek at what we can share with you at this stage!

Improved Compatibility
First and foremost, there will be a big focus on compatibility and integration with other Chaos tools. For example, we want to improve Converters to and from Corona, and also investigate things such as exporting Corona scenes to Vantage, working with Cloud Collaboration, and more.

At this early stage, no promises can be made, since it will be a matter of finding out what is and isn't possible.

Workflow and Tool Enhancements
We will be reviewing existing tools and workflows to see what can be done to speed these up, raise quality, or offer more flexibility. You’ll have to wait for our internal review before we can tell you more! There is quite a list to consider based on user requests, and we’ll have to prioritize that list to see what we choose to work on for Corona 12.

Migrating the Corona Material Library to Cosmos
This will be completed before the release of Corona 12 after a thorough QA is done of all the materials, one by one, so we can ensure each is as good as possible.

And that’s all we can share for now. We’ll make sure to update the page with more info as soon as we have it, definitely in the coming weeks.

At this early stage, nothing is set in stone for what will make it into Corona 12. We haven’t made any final decisions on what will or won’t make the cut, and this list is by no means exhaustive of what we’re considering.

Don’t forget, you can also check in on the Chaos Scatter roadmap to see what’s coming up there.


For the most regular updates, and in more detail, you can check our roadmaps for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. Keep in mind that these are tentative, as development of any software cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy!

Download Corona 11

And don’t forget that in the meantime you can grab a copy of the newly-released Corona 11!