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On this page you will find a quick summary of the most significant new features introduced in the latest version of Corona.

Latest version: Chaos Corona 8, for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Released: April 13, 2022

Release video

Get a quick visual overview of some of the new features in our Corona 8 Release Video:

Chaos Scatter

Trees, grass, shrubs, and rocks have been placed using Chaos Scatter, which can limit the trees on steep slopes, and carve out a roadway with splines.

Place trees, rocks, grass, flowers, cars in a parking lot, and other objects where randomization or repetition is required.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Chaos Cosmos

From empty to full, from start to finish, with a few clicks of your mouse.

Instant access to a huge collection of assets, materials, and HDRI skies, right from within your 3D host application.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Corona Decal

Easily add surface details or imperfections such as scratches, craters, cracks, smudges, splatters, and more, including displacement.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Corona Slicer

Use the Corona Slicer material to cut away sections of geometry at render time. You can cut with any shape that has the Slicer material applied, and even add caps to the exposed surfaces.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Corona Curvature Map

Add dirt or wear-and-tear derived from how quickly the surface is curving at that point.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Cryptomatte support

Generate industry-standard Cryptomattes, making it easy to isolate and adjust individual components in your render in post.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Customisable Tone Mapping

Get the exact final look you want with new operators such as Tone Curve and Advanced Filmic Mapping, all in a user-configurable stack of operators so you can add, delete, and move them as necessary.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Adjustable PBR Reflection Tail

With this new parameter for the Corona Physical Material, you can create blurred reflections for metals to give a softer look with more “depth” to the material. It correctly affects caustics, too.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Caustics Include/Exclude

Remove unwanted caustics with new Include/Exclude options.

Learn more for Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.

Dome Mapping for Environments

(Cinema 4D only, already exists in 3ds Max)

Ideal for automotive visualizations, product renders, and more, this mode “sticks” your 3D objects in place within the environment map as you move the camera around.

Here is an example render:

While here you can see it in use in Interactive Rendering:

Support for M1 machines

(Cinema 4D only)

Corona now supports running on M1 processors, bringing a 40-50% speed increase compared to running Corona under Rosetta.

New licensing system

Corona now uses the same licensing system as all Chaos products, making it easy to manage and maintain all your Chaos licenses in one place.

And much more!

These are only the larger, most major features. Full details of everything in the release can be found on the Corona 8 Release blog.

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