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On this page you will find a quick summary of the most significant new features introduced in the latest version of Corona.

Latest version: Chaos Corona 9, for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Released: October 17, 2022

Release video

Get a quick visual overview of some of the new features in our Corona 9 Release Video:

Procedural Clouds

Procedural Clouds let you control and type of cloud cover, and they are easy to animate. They respond to Sun color and position so work at dawn or at noon, and all with minimal effect on render times.

Corona Pattern

Tile real geometry over a surface with the same ease as you’d tile a texture, for the ultimate in realism all while saving memory. Use it to create fabrics, wire fences, jewelry, and much more.

Edge Trimming (Chaos Scatter)

Now you can have control over the edges of your scatters, for keeping those lawns neat and tidy.

Chaos Scans, Player, and Phoenix included in Premium

Included in Premium are three powerful tools from Chaos. Phoenix will let you create realistic simulations of fire, smoke, water and more.

Chaos Scans will give you access to hundreds of realistic materials that are too complex to simulate with regular materials.

While Chaos Player will give you the ability to edit and post-process your image sequences.

Shutter Curve for Motion Blur

Control the amount of blur at the start, middle and end of the motion blur effect, replicating how it looks from a real camera.

Depth of Field for Fisheye Cameras

For artistic purposes (since real world fisheye lenses do not show this effect), you can now add depth of field blurring to scenes rendered from fisheye cameras.

Under the hood improvements

As mentioned when we released Corona 8, we have been working on some changes under the hood to improve the user experience, such as new preservation options for Material Overrides, reduced memory required by Corona Bitmaps, improved material previews in the High Quality viewport, and more.

And much more!

These are only the larger, most major features. Full details of everything in the release can be found on the Corona 9 Release blog.

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