Author Topic: Corona and Vray = CRASH  (Read 229 times)

2017-01-03, 17:00:59


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I have Vray and Corona installed. On startup C4D crashes. When I take out Vray from the plugins it works (OSX 10.12)

2017-01-04, 12:44:39
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Hi, I am sorry for this problem. We contacted programmer of VRay plugin but he is on holiday until Monday so we will fix the problem together next week.

2017-01-09, 19:06:57
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i did play around with vray 3.4.1 too for a few days now and i noticed, that while corona runs fine, vray doesnt!
but when running a fresh install of c4d with all my plugins including vray but without corona installed, it runs just fine..

it seams that corona is somehow causing vray to get stuck/crash c4d...