Author Topic: Iridescent shader - Corona 1.5.2  (Read 595 times)

2017-01-11, 18:38:13


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Iridescent shader was one of the first guides I ever created for Corona. Back then it was possible thanks to a Corona Color Mapper node, which was later removed. Here is an update to that, which can produce exactly the same results.

The main idea is to use Gradient Ramp node with type set to "mapped" and falloff used as "source map". You can then create a rainbowy gradient, and plug this into reflection, diffuse, or any other material component you wish.

It can be also used to produce a kind of fake dispersion, though it's _a bit_ slow.

A sample max scene can be found below.

Also, which version of Corona are you using?

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2017-01-11, 19:15:36
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Aaah, dispersion... How I miss it!
Corona RenderER. C'mon, is not so difficult...

2017-01-11, 21:58:02
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Yes, dispersion should be "a must", especially for jewelry world.
Right now it's impossible to create a decent diamond.
Maxwell render is famous for that.

But, thanks for the tutorial. It's great )

2017-01-24, 19:18:12
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2017-02-02, 15:37:34
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+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 been thumbing up that dispersion for 2 years now :D
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