Author Topic: Improve wireframe rendering  (Read 551 times)

2017-10-16, 12:11:17
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2017-10-16, 14:22:45
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2017-10-17, 15:40:55
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I know why this is happening - the pixel to world ratio used to "normalize" the width to 1px changes on grazing angles, because you see more of the grazing surface in one pixel. But you would need to compensate for this based on direction, which is currently not possible - the line width changes for all directions, even those not needing it.

So currently it works correctly for perpendicular lines, but not for those parallel with the perspective projection. Looking at the results, it will be probably best to change the way this works.
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2017-10-17, 16:40:38
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Would it be possible to compute anisotropic pixels depending on angle, or is it too complex? If not possible, then yeah, i would prefer constant width parallel lines at the expense of perpendicular ones, as often those are not visible at grazing angles anyway.

Or maybe we need a swith - favor parallel vs perpendicular? Just kidding :]