3 features you want the most:

Advanced volumetrics (Clouds, PhoenixFD, FumeFX, etc...)
77 (11.8%)
PBR Style material (Disney, Unreal Engine, etc..)
60 (9.2%)
Corona Scatter improvements
36 (5.5%)
Production-ready caustics
64 (9.8%)
Refraction/Reflection working with masking render elements (CMasking_Mask,CTexmap, etc...)
35 (5.4%)
Render-time booleans (cut/slice objects)
29 (4.5%)
Irradiance Cache/Map as primary GI
9 (1.4%)
Dedicated CarPaint Shader
15 (2.3%)
Memory optimization (lower memory usage in 3ds Max; not out-of-core)
72 (11.1%)
GPU/Hybrid rendering
90 (13.8%)
Displacement improvements (2D displacement, autobump, memory efficiency, ...)
80 (12.3%)
Speed improvements
83 (12.8%)

Total Members Voted: 257

Author Topic: The most wanted feature?  (Read 137144 times)

2017-10-30, 13:45:54
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very comfortable workspace:)))

A user like you has his own custom toolbar for fast access of most important things anyway, haven't you? This would be the apropriate location for some additional "render hidden on/off" button.

Putting everything into cVFB is not the best idea especially when redundancy would be created. Next request would be to put displacement on/off there and so on. Corona is really well integrated into max and uses the standard location(s) of the UI wherever possible. So it would be max (again) to blame if you struggle with your workspace.

Good Luck

Never underestimate the power of a well placed level one spell.

2017-11-03, 11:54:32
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I have a question for a feature:
These days my biggest problem is 3DSMAX autosave when I use DR. Could Ondra & guys code a function so that
if I have DR running > Autosave could not be enabled automatically.
I assume this is not possible but just wanted to ask about this...

2017-11-07, 17:10:44
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Just adding to this forum as well. Being able to convert from octane would be awesome and go a long way towards pushing more people to use corona!