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Title: Max viewport Issue
Post by: Philip kelly on 2018-09-21, 18:25:10
Not related to Corona.

Revit Model imported, big enough 300mb.

Going through the layers and texturing.
Plan view keeps flipping to ortho's very  very annoying.

Happens a lot .

Any reason?.
64gb of memory.gtx 1070 GC.

Title: Re: Max viewport Issue
Post by: Charlie Nicols on 2018-12-07, 10:54:56
A work-around but if you use Sini Tools there is an option to always force perspective view or orth in ignite.
Title: Re: Max viewport Issue
Post by: 1equals2 on 2018-12-14, 16:58:42
Sini's Ignite will definitely help on dealing with all data, coming Revit.
If You have it, try Charlie's suggestion.

I wish there were such tool 4-5 years ago when dealt more frequently with Revit models.
Anyway, the problems when such model is imported into 3ds max, is usually due to immense amount of data, splines and probably the biggest culprit - blocks, instanced with their pivot point being common for each instanced object/spline.
Which used to work for me in the past was to put all objects with common material in corresponding layer, and to  collapse into single one those with same names.
3ds Max is still way better handling few high poly objects than many smal ones instanced.

Try optimizing the model by getting rid of unnecessary data and collapse similar objects together. This trick usually  speeds viewport FPS and any viewport related issues.