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Title: 3DS MAX - Launch times / File Saving Times
Post by: Charlie Nicols on 2018-11-23, 16:43:43
Hi All,

I would like to have some base information on how long it takes other people to do a few 3DS Max tasks whilst using NAS.

I know this will vary dependant on network speed/files size/assets in scene please provide this info like I have if you have the time!

I have been trying to find information online and have come up blank & there is lots of outdated data!

Lets start with 3DS MAX opening times;
Overall it takes 43-47 seconds roughly to launch a Fresh copy of 3DS Max to a usable state (I notice the first start of 3DS Max after a reboot takes 20-30 seconds longer??, anyone else?)

Saving times;
An average interior scene, noting special a 15-20 Seconds -55 maps or so on a reasonable size. 0.7gb max file.
(Some scenes can take 2-3 minutes or longer, seems random and not directly linked to size-odd)

File Opening times;
The file that I mentioned before takes 1:30-2 minutes to open

My specs
AMD Threadripper 2970x 64gb RAM Samsung m.2 970
My Network
SATA Supermicro NAS - 10gigabit network
3DS MAX 2018.4

--I know that scene saves ect will vary massively as we aren't using the same test scene but I would appreciate information like I have laid out to get an general idea of others performance.

Title: Re: 3DS MAX - Launch times / File Saving Times
Post by: 1equals2 on 2018-11-23, 17:34:09

I have been struggling solving this issue myself. System is with win 10, all fancy win 10 features disabled, dual Xeon v4, 3ds max 2018.4
Resorted from small NAS  and 1Gb network to new Raid 10 Server and 10Gb network.

Tested opening and rendering a scene  in three different ways :

1. NAS with 2 WD Red /  Raid 1 / 1Gb network
2. Supermicro small server with 4 WD Gold, SSD cache / Raid 10 / 10Gb network
3. Local SSD 860 Pro

All assets have been copied to  the  corresponding device to test.

Observations - A scene ( 500MB) with several FP and few RC objects takes  roughly:
1. 1,55 min  being opened on local SSD
2. 2,10 min  - New Server and 10Gb network
3. 2,15 min - NAS and 10Gb network

Scene parsing, mostly due to FP:

1. 2,45 min - local SSD
2. 3 min - new server
3. 3,10 min - old NAS

Saving times - regardless of configuration - approximately 15 seconds.

My observations:
So basically things become  worse once FP and RC are used within specific scene. 
3ds max 2018 with no service packs is  faster than 2018.4.
3ds max 2018.4 has huge lag in right menu- switching vertex to edge, to face ( especially when menu is extended so that there are two vertical rows)
3ds max 2018.4 - Forest Pack - huuuuge lag - close to impossible to work.
Mapped drives are better to be used within 3ds max as driver letters than computer name and to be UNC.
Forest pack and Raiclone External paths are by default Ralative. Manually adjusting them to be absolute seems to  help a bit.
Adding new user to windows users and working with scenes there allevaites issues, until they are present again.
Reinstalling C++ does not help, at least here.
Switching Viewport to Clay, than using Faces with Textures, does help, especially by opeing this test scene. Opening the very same scene by saving it with Clay viewport active and opening it again, cut the above mentioned times roughly 25 %, except the parsing.

Tried the scene on old, win 7, faster clocked i7 4930 and notices that opening the scene there takes roughly same amount of timetime. Parsing is about 15 seconds lower regardless of the scenario. So obviously higher CPU clock has advantage during parsing/preparing for rendering.

 The only thing to try speeding up  these basic processes that have not done, is to disable  hyperthreading, as they suggest on several forums.

Really interested into someone's else experience using  other  hardware/3ds max combo.
Title: Re: 3DS MAX - Launch times / File Saving Times
Post by: Charlie Nicols on 2018-11-23, 18:09:44
Thanks for the response and all the detail! I was just looking at a small part of 3DS Max performance but you delve deeper which is nice to see. Here is some of my findings ect.

I was sure times seemed a little slow as we are using fantastic hardware + I can transfer files to our server at 650MB/s fine, whilst we have network traffic, so why do I have to wait so long for max.

I have tried the Hyperthreadding suggestion, it does not help.

I have tried setting the local environmental values To (QT)UI which has not helped UI performance.

I disabled Control Flow in Windows Defender that seemed to help the UI speed a little bit.