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Title: Cave scene
Post by: morder on 2019-12-09, 07:37:26
Hi guys.

Here is my attemp on creating cave scene in 3ds max using procedural workflow. Corona was used for the rendering and Blackmagic Fusion for color correction. Everything was rendered in half float 16bit exr to have better control on colors overall. Hope you like it :)
Title: Re: Cave scene
Post by: romullus on 2019-12-09, 10:26:18
Procedurals are good, but some manual touch wouldn't hurt either. Rocks could be less uniform and colour could change depending on height. Also the water could be more calm inside the cave. Overall not bad, but it could be even better with some tweaks here and there.
Title: Re: Cave scene
Post by: morder on 2019-12-09, 11:17:06
Thanks for reply, i will try to tweak a bit more, make it more random.
Title: Re: Cave scene
Post by: maru on 2019-12-09, 16:52:17
Moving to WIP since further tweaks are expected. :)

I would advice placing a portal close to the cave's entrance -
And also this scene just begs for caustics!
Title: Re: Cave scene
Post by: morder on 2019-12-10, 07:39:26
Thanks for advice yes I already placed portal light (plane object) near the entrance. Documentation for the portal lights is very interesting I didn't know how placement of portal light can impact the scene. Is there a way to put down render time even more? Curently I have in scene one sun light and one portal plane light near the entrance of the cave, so far render times are about 6 hours on Ryzen 2600x.
For the scene I worked on fixing geometry for the cave scene, but leaving similar material setup. I hope render will be finished in few hours :)
Title: Re: Cave scene
Post by: morder on 2019-12-11, 17:50:23
Here is final version, I try with couple versions of the stone structure but decide to keep it as is. Added a background and some chromatic aberration for the final look.