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Title: Note: spam emails, pretending to be related to Corona Academy
Post by: TomG on 2020-01-06, 17:00:09
It's come to our attention that several users have received emails claiming to be related to Corona Academy, with the wording "My name is XXX,( i have an important issue to discuss with you". These emails are spam, do not reply to them.

You can recognize them because:
- They do not come from an official Corona email address (the ones so far have been from a regular gmail account)
- They have bad punctuation and grammar.
- They don't tell you what the issue is (we would tell you why we were writing to you :) ).
- They do not have the official signature information at the bottom of the email.

Remember, if you have any questions or doubt about an email, you can always contact support to ask for verification BEFORE replying to the questionable email.