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Title: kitchen
Post by: pmcf1981 on 2020-01-26, 00:24:42
hi guys
i made this kitchen inspired poliform varenna , try to recreate same light.
idea was to start from a small window to light up the room.
some parts of the image have  noise due to the window being small (extra time to clean) .
I try  create a lut to match the almost same reference image . with standard normal tonemapping
i try  lightroom and  lut creator but sometimes lut dont have same effect in corona like lightroom or psd. like 90%

any tips for that?

thks in advance .




Title: Re: kitchen
Post by: agentdark45 on 2020-01-26, 12:57:42
Looks great man. Could you post up the lightroom/LUT creator versions so we can see the difference?

I would definitely be interested in seeing your workflow for creating the LUT.
Title: Re: kitchen
Post by: pmcf1981 on 2020-01-26, 13:09:27
hi agentdark

yes later i post some images
idea is leave tone mapping corona values neutral, ​​and with the lightroom or lut creator apply the changes, create the lut and move to the corona.
Even so it never stays the same as I see in the lightroom, its close but no 100 % .

any expert on this ? really like to now how make them 100 % effective.

Title: Re: kitchen
Post by: Juraj on 2020-01-26, 15:32:58
100 % effective.

Not possible sadly. LUTs can only apply to 0-255 range, they don't have access to dynamic range outside so if you want to use them for tonemapping, you need to apply them to under-exposed image. This will of course only work well for highlights, it will worsen your precision in blacks.

It has to be applied to LOG compressed space. When Corona implements full OCIO/ACES, this might become viable workflow.

At the moment the only way is to do outside of Corona.
Title: Re: kitchen
Post by: pmcf1981 on 2020-01-26, 17:41:01
ohhh i see :( ..

it would be really cool if it worked well. I hope Corona does that.

one curious question fstorm have same results?

thks in advance juraj , i like your images a lot :)
Title: Re: kitchen
Post by: subpixelsk on 2020-01-27, 10:01:51
Hey nice work - can you describe workflow between Corona and Lightroom a bit more? maybe post settings from Corona frame buffer and file type you export to Lightroom?

Thanks a lot
Title: Re: kitchen
Post by: 3Dmitri on 2020-01-27, 15:29:51
Very clean. Good work!