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Nik's script is very cool, but I didn't want a lister for several reasons ...

Actually I use only small one CProxy Type, you can see UI of it on the first post of the linked page. I didn't noticed that this small script is not available for downloading anymore, so that's why I recommended it to you (I've noticed that you don't want to use lister :)). I steel have CProxy Type script and it is very useful for me - it works with selected from viewport proxies and takes really small area on the screen.

Oh, I'm sorry for that. Nobody told me that link is bad and I'm not even using Corona anymore :)
Anyway, I fixed that link if somebody need it.
Corona Proxy Previz Type

This is a macro, it installs to category Nik Scripts when you run it.
Then you should go to Customize UI and check this category to add button/hotkey/menu

I changed link right before previous message. Refresh scriptspot page

Sorry. I fixed download link, so file should download instead of opening in browser.
This is a macro, so you need to run it and it will be installed to 3dsmax. Then you should find Batch Medit in NikScripts category and drag it to toolbar or menu.

Sorrry for a late reply.
I'm busy at my job and writing another script so Batch Medit 2.0 maybe someday will be implemented, but not soon for sure.

"material-rename function"
- Soulburn scripts has such feature in renamer.

"is it possible to edit CoronaNormal map attributes?"
"add a corona color correct to all diffuse channels"
 - Unfortunately no. Script needs some changes to support all maps. Now it's just a material editor, not map editor.

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / DropToSlate
« on: 2019-05-10, 09:58:47 »
Now you can create CoronaBitmaps just by dragging to Slate Material Editor.
And something more...

He is talking about "Affect tonemapping" in CoronaOutput being off by default. And I agree, this is confusing.
I know at least one man who leaved this option in default state and get incorrect results. He actually didn't see any problems until he changed postprocessing settings.
Some people think that CoronaOutput is colorcorrection map, not a map to bypass tonemapping.

And that's why I believe this setting should be enabled by default.

I recommend GTools Light lister script. Fast enough

Corona latest daily, converter 1.36, max2016, ~600 objects in "selection" mode, these functions are fast as possible.

- Fix. It was a bad idea to fill list with compatible shaders only. Now list contains all supported shaders if renderer is installed.
- Fix. Error when last operation was "Clear map slot" and checkbox was enabled.

P.S.  How to make it good? Make it bad and then revert changes :)

- New. Script will use shaders and maps that compatible with current renderer. For example VRayHDRI even in Corona.
- Fix. Renderer identification system is removed. All related errors should be fixed.
- Fix. Mode radiobuttons last state was broken.

- New. Last used settings now saved in .ini file and works between 3dsMax sessions.
- Fix. Exclude by reflect ior FStorm didn't work.

- Added. VRayHDRI map partly support.

- Fixed. Default X position now 200px instead of 1500px, for people who have small resolution screen.
- Fixed. Error when current renderer is not supported.

Good idea, thanks. I will do that.
Ah, actually not so good because DesktopSize summarizes all monitors sizes. So I will just decrease default x.pos to something like 200. I hope noone have monitor less than 200px :D

damn this is awesome, big time saver. Thank you sir !
You're welcome :)

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