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Gallery / Re: Works by my students 13 "R"
« on: 2019-04-27, 17:54:37 »
Are you jealous?

Not at all.

It is more abut posting in wrong section of the forum.

If you want to share something like materials or 3d models there is goodies section.

If you want to share some works do it here in gallery.

If you want to advertise something, go ahead this forum also have section for that.

If you want to share tutorials, ther is tutorial section too.


Speaking about CC on models. I don't know what are you using in your educational program, and i hope it's not a bunch of 3dsky pro models given away for free.

For example. If you are selling scene file then all including HDRI, models, textures should be made by you right?

And while you resell this content this scene on your webpage you are getting % from the deals, right?

So - this scene for example is completely made by this person who uploaded it? Even the car wich is obviously is viz-people model from this bundle ?

Or maybe you have their permission to sell that?

PS - Stop aggroing around on people with different oppinion.

Gallery / Re: Glass-Liquid-Ice
« on: 2019-04-16, 10:31:03 »
Could be :) 

I mainly assumed based on color of the "Liquid" (oils and similar were instantly excluded, based on probability of getting these liquids served in such arrangement). While scotch, whisky, bourbon & maybe even rum aren't strong, pure enough (based on density, drink must have at least 86% of alcohol for ice to sink to bottom). Tea or coffee are mainly water. So the only argument left for me was, that those "Ice rocks" are basically made of glass. Then they would keep cold, wouldn't melt, would sink to bottom & have different IOR. Problem could easily be solved, if title weren't so descriptive. ;)
Yet still, there's so much detail missing to stop any speculative guessing... ;)

I have a solution =D

Gallery / Exterior.
« on: 2019-04-16, 07:23:22 »
A fast project of a 2 story house placed on the coastline Latvia.

It resembles signature acheticture style of Jurmala.

Designer - Victoria Belaja
Architect - Janis Vizinjsh
CG - Blackbell

Total time - two nights

PS - Criticism welcome.

Gallery / Re: Glass-Liquid-Ice
« on: 2019-04-11, 23:06:17 »
Getting back to physics, May be it is not water in the glass, something with slightly less density like oil or alcohol.

Gallery / Re: Fairy Tales - 'Crude World'
« on: 2019-04-11, 23:03:08 »
Great work, i wounder why it is not so noticed by comunity.

I need help / Re: Decrease in performance
« on: 2019-04-07, 13:12:38 »
is this still applyable in the latest version? I dont' see the option

You can do it manualy in Taskmanager.

Gallery / Re: Works by my students 13 "R"
« on: 2019-04-05, 11:58:45 »
This is more and more starting to look like advertising. And why in russian? This is english speaking forum.

And more, i think all of this artists are capable of posting their work by them selfs. It looks like you are not prowd with their work but like you want to take their sucsess as personal efort.

And for example models on your webpage. Are the autors getting their benefit from them.

For example this one.

Original autor

Not even mentioned in description.

Gallery / Re: Modern Interior.
« on: 2019-03-30, 23:46:18 »
in short DL, Beautiful retail, but image contrast may lead to loss of shadow details.

In most of cases shadow details competes with design representetion (Those are not catologue photos tho =) ) And most of designers like to represent their interiors as clean as possible.

I care more about the artifactes caused by denoising and serious lack of rendertimes on this images. Using single twinCPU X5650 xeon in 2019 is a very bad idea -_-

Gallery / Modern Interior.
« on: 2019-03-30, 22:18:09 »
Hey everyone, today i want to share my latest work.

This visuals were done for the "UNEEK" Design studio based in Latvia.

Design: Uneek -

CG: Blackbell -

Whole project took 4 days to complete with 3 sets of corrections.

Software: 3dsMAX, corona-renderer, PhoenixFD, Photoshop.


PS - Criticisim is very welcome.

R6_output2 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R4-1 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R3_output2 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R2-1_output2 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R1_output2 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr

PSS - got to build finaly a proper workstation -_-

Gallery / Re: Redisign of a building in Zaube (Latvia)
« on: 2019-01-25, 12:12:24 »
Nice, great mood. But stone wall is way to flat, especially around the corners areas. I'm guessing you're using normal map on it, but weak or ne displacement at all. Try playing around with displacement, even derivative map from diffuse could improve the look, or you could go extra mile and model/ sculpt the wall from scratch.

Actualy it is using displacement. Just something went wrong.

Gallery / Redisign of a building in Zaube (Latvia)
« on: 2019-01-24, 22:22:48 »
One of our curent projects.

Redesign of building built in 2000-x.

Task was to make it fit in sorounding and give it more estethic and modern look.

R1 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R2-3-1 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr


I will also attach an image "before" to compare.

42472984_475006719669915_6543583709990223872_n (1) by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr

And as always C&C are welcome.

Gallery / Office "Olympic"
« on: 2018-11-07, 18:03:45 »
Hey everybody!

This time we want to share one of the projects recently done during coloboration time with "CBP Group"

Unfortunately project havent gone far from concepcion but still you can enjuy visuals of what might have been.

Design - Stepan Boldirev, Maksim Jaroschuk

Visuals - Blackbell

Larger resolution images can be observet atour Behance page so as the older projects -

PS - C&C are welcome.

render_View02 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
r5 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
render_View06 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
render_View010000 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
r4 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
render_View030000 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R3 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R1 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R2 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr

Gallery / Re: Villa In Georgia
« on: 2018-11-04, 17:17:34 »
Brutalism is back?

I realy hope it will get back one day.

Learner's Corner / Re: Old Rolls-Royce
« on: 2018-11-03, 21:05:08 »
That might be smoothing groups. There are 3 options how to fix it.

1 - Disable refraction on glass
2 - Disable smoothing groups and reenable them
3 - If the geometry is thin (single polygon thikness) then you might try to as shell modifyer.

Gallery / Villa In Georgia
« on: 2018-11-03, 21:01:35 »
Visuals and concepcion done during collaboration with "CBP Group".
Building combines minimalistic approach and soviet constructivism.

Location: Lisi

CG&Design - Lev Levchenko
Art Director - Stepan Boldirev

C&C are welcome.

PS - Large resolution avaliable on

R2 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R1 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R4 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr
R3 by Lev Levchenko, on Flickr

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