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Super fast support, as always! 5*!!


3ds Max freeze when, using the CoronaSky Manual parameter, I try to select a Second CoronaSun if this sun is disabled (i.e. Corona Sun ON parameter = unchecked).


Daily builds / Re: Adaptive enviro sampler playground!
« on: 2020-05-26, 01:56:39 »

this is a very simple scene, but v5.0 with Portal is much, much better...
I also reset all parameters, but the result is the same. Noise is more evident and fireflies everywhere...
Corona Sky (Hosek) + Corona Sun
1 minute render time with an i7 970.

Daily builds / Re: Improved Sun & Sky model playground!
« on: 2020-04-30, 04:36:20 »
What about adding a sky and Cloud model to this? SO its not just a perfect clear sky?

Search in Youtube

Opening Keynote | Total Chaos 2019

14 min 50 sec

No, it's Max.

I think that there is a problem in 3ds Max the Adaptivity engine.
It's like it ignores the extremely dark areas.
The white screenshot is the coposite version in After effect.
When Adaptivity is disabled, as you see, the noise disapperars.
Marcin has already my sample scene.

See you  =)


with v5.0, I see a lot of noise in the Composite version (In the Beauty pass, Alpha is fine) generate with the ShadowCatcherMtl (black background) even after 10 minutes (simple car sits on a plane).
If Adaptivity is disabled, the noise is gone after 3-4 minute.
An HDRI (2K) is the only light source.

Also it seems the ShadowCatcherMtl  bump spinner doesn't work.

Can you confirm?

Feature requests / Re: Corona VFB vs V-Ray
« on: 2020-04-08, 00:25:44 »
Yes, they are working hard to redo the entire VFB.

But not in v6.0 from what I know.


as in the title.

CoronaWire is not supported with 2.5D displacement, but I don't see any warning message.
When I turn off this new option, everything is fine and I'm able to the "back edges" created by the displacement and CoronaWire.

Also, in the help desk I don't see any info about this bug.
I know that it will be fixed in v6.0 or 7.0.
A warning message will be welcomed =)


If you open with Corona v.5 an old file where Displacement is set in "Word units = 9" and you press the "ENABLE 2.5D DISPLACEMENT" option in the warning message, the value doesn't change, the result is much less defined, and I have to change manually  the value of 1/3 ("Word units = 6")  as suggested in the online help.
When the file is set in Screen mode = 9px, the new value will change automatically to Screen mode = 6px.

Is it a bug or what? 

If it's not a bug, why did you decide this specific  behavior?

Resolved bugs / Re: BUG in CIE 5.0 and Custom Denoise
« on: 2020-03-23, 19:25:51 »
Hi rowmanns,

Ok, I did some "debug"

(1)  I created a new, fresh file with v5.0 and the problem is not present...
(2) If I open the old file, the problem is here.
(3) If I reset the old file ("Reset settings" button), then the problem is not present anymore.
(3) I saved the file again.

Now the problem is disappeared...  Weird :/

Thank you  =)

Resolved bugs / BUG in CIE 5.0 and Custom Denoise
« on: 2020-03-21, 01:06:35 »

I think I found a bug in CIE v5.0 not present in CIE v4.0.

(1). I have setup my Lightmix and activated the Denoising option in all the LightMix REs. Perfect.
(2).  I also have two CESSENTIAL REs, with APPLY DENOISING = OFF. 
(3).  Then Denoising MODE: GATHER DATA.
(4).  I run the rendering, save in CXR, open this file in the CIE, and press CUSTOM DENOISE...
(5).  In this new window I see the two CESSENTIAL REs: why?
(6).  In v4 ( I did a test) I don't see these REs.
(7).  If I select ONLY these two CESSENTIAL RE and run the denoise process, in the CIE drop down menu I read: CESSENTIAL_Direct [Denoised]. But, obviously, this RE is not denoised because in 3ds Max I didn't enabled the related option.

I think 4.0 was more consistent.

Also, if I use " Int denoise.filterType      = 5 "  (so, Intel) I have strange cmd error messages.

But is still here ( Corona v4.1)

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