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General Discussion / Re: How IR is used to be interactive
« on: 2019-06-29, 14:38:24 »
Look at the first prototype or Corona IR (4-3 years ago).

As you can see, I think the technology behind the IR changed a lot from release to release.
At the beginning, Corona IR doesn't support the Subsampling.
and, I don't know, the old version looks more "fluid" to my eyes.
 I don' like the Subsamplig when I work, because I hate to see "huge pixel".
They distract me very much. I use it almost at 1, even if the update is not so responsive.

Honestly, I liked more the first version of IR, where, the new pixels were blended to the previous pixels.
That do you think?


Hello Mike, look at here:

Properties of distribution by spline

Spline distribution options are available if spline is selected as the object for the distribution over it.

Distribution by spline

Thickness: is the thickness of objects distribution in reference to spline (it is set in system measure units)
Proxy Distance:  is the length and width between the objects with regular distribution. Be careful and attentive! Regular pattern of spline distribution needs Scale Mult option of the Regular Pattern Settings section to be set as 1.

General Discussion / Re: 3D Studio Max 2020
« on: 2019-03-28, 13:48:26 »
Suggestion: never use any new Autodesk product and waiting for the first (better second) SP...

Gallery / Re: Daria Coastal
« on: 2019-02-28, 02:35:45 »

add a wet map and it will be perfect!

We will have a separated plug-in called Corona Scatter PRO.


Froof's solution works not so bad. =)
Thank you for the suggestion =)


I have a small, funny problem to solve

#1.   I have multiple monitor setup as almost everybody here.
#2.  I work with the main monitor with 3ds Max and, for example, on second monitor Photoshop.
#3.  If, for some reason, the second monitor is off and I turn on Photoshop, it will be on the second monitor, of course.
#4.  So, if I want to see Photoshop on the main monitor, I need to turn on the second monitor, move Photoshop on the first monitor and turn off the second monitor.
#5.  I tried to find some software to help me to avoid this  "long procedure", but I didn't find nothing interesting.

How did you solve this problem?

Thanks ^__^

Ohhh. ok =)


I saw some difference between Standalone 2.0 and 4.0 daily.
Try to follo wmy example

#1. I have .max file and some shader with the Color Correct map in the DIFFUSE.
#2. Inside the CC I have a simlpe Bitmpa with a wood.jpg.
#3. I want to export the .scn file.
#4. Corona tells me that CC isn't supported: GOOD
#5. But, in the destination export folder I don't see the wood.jpg!
#6. Strange, because with Corona 2.0, the exported was able to export the wood.jpg.
#7. Now, if I render the .scn files, all the shader originally with the CC map are red!

With Corona 2.0 I was able to render "correctly".
I mean, the rendering was fine, but the corrections made with CC was simple ignored...

Is it a bug or what?


as in the title, if you open the Render stamp HELP dialog (with the question mark button),
you are not able to clot this window because  the "X" on the top right doesn't work.
Same story in the Corona System Settings
3ds Max 2015

Bye bye!


as in the title,

Do Custom shape object work in the Material editor for 3ds Max 2019?

It seams that nothing happen if you load some geometry.
I still have only sphere, cube and cylinder...

In 3ds Max 2015 and 2016 it works as expected...

Thank you =)

General Discussion / Re: How does the UHD cache work?
« on: 2018-09-26, 18:19:02 »
LC and UHD Cache are almost the same.
IM is for direct light computation (interpolation method), similar to QMC or Brute Force (precise method).

Hello everybody,

as in the title, we are looking for:

English mother language + Corona expert for a proof-reading english articles

We are looking for maximum seriousness and confidentiality. No time wasters, please!
The candidate must have perfect knowledge of the English, a good knowledge of Corona and... time.
You don't have to be a Guru, it's not required.
It will be better is he/she is an active Corona users in this forum.
For those interested, I will send other information in private.
Please, send me curriculum and references in PM.

General Discussion / Re: How does the UHD cache work?
« on: 2018-09-24, 14:29:09 »
Photon mapping, like in old V-Ray school method (IM+PM or QMC+PM before LC appeared on VRay) traces rays from the light source inside the scene.
It means that you can calculate the PM only one time and you can move the camera where you want, without to calculate again the PM. PM is view independent.
But it's complicated to setup and slow (you must to set, for each light, how much photons you want to shoot) and it's very slow with high settings.

LC or UHD has replaced the PM. They are view dependent and rays are fired from camera to the scene, it's faster than PM  and it has less problems, especially near the corners.
Both are splotchy , but UHD much less splotchy than PM. Now, nobody use PM.
IM has nothing to do with PM pr LM. IM is another story.

General Discussion / Re: Volumetric/SSS rendering "Clouds"
« on: 2018-09-04, 00:42:33 »
You are using 3ds Max 2017 + Corona 2.0 and it works. I think you are doing some errors in your setup. =)

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