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I don't use Physical cam anymore, but I have a problem when open old scenes that use it.
I can't open or merge those old files. After a few hours, I figured out that the problem is Physical cam + Auto Vertical Tilt Correction + CoronaCameraMod on top.

You can re-produce by creating a Physical cam > Enable Auto Vertical Tilt Correction > Add CoronaCameraMod on top.

I don't have any problem with max2018. So, I'm not sure if the problem is from Max or Corona side.

**Corona4 hotfix1


I need help / Re: wireframe only
« on: 2018-12-05, 17:23:25 »
try this

Uncheck "Visible in masks" in the glass material.

1920x :D

I need help / Re: Same old problem - Noise Interior Scene
« on: 2017-07-31, 08:06:30 »
I think you need light portals.

Have you tried to disable "Visible in Reflections" ?

Doesn't work for me.
I've checked Frood's link. It said "Your browser supports WebGL"

General Discussion / Re: Node minimum requirements
« on: 2017-03-29, 10:48:30 »
I'd say 32GB Ram should be the minimum, even for nodes. I have 16GB Ram nodes and they always run out of memory.


Memory issue is pain.
I have to move back to V-Ray when I'm working on a big scene because it's much more memory friendly.


Works fine here

I need help / Re: Saving EXR with Background
« on: 2017-03-16, 15:45:57 »
They should work together :D
ProEXR works perfectly but it takes ages to open large files such as autosave files. EXR-IO is much faster.

I need help / Re: Corona noise problem
« on: 2017-03-02, 06:32:53 »
I guess your scene is an interior with a small window and you don't have a light portal :D

there are currently some bugs that slow down interactive, we will fix them in 1.6 ;)

Could you (or someone) tell me what are the causes of the bugs and how to avoid them in 1.5 (if possible) ?

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