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I need help / Re: Corona script error on Max launch
« on: 2020-01-08, 16:06:10 »
Thanks the ENU trick seems to have solved it.

I need help / Corona script error on Max launch
« on: 2020-01-07, 12:10:34 »
I've just started getting this error when I launch Max 2020. I have tried reinstalling Corona v5 but that doesnt help. The only other installation I've made recently is GrowFX v2 beta but I cant see how that would effect the corrona loading.

Corona still appears to work but the IR doesnt update. I need to stop it then move then restart it.

Im loathed to reinstall Max again if I dont have to so wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this? I might try the latest R6 daily to see if that helps.


I've been trying out this plugin. It's really good. Takes a little bit of time to work out the workflow / feature set and I'm not 100% there yet but from my experimenting I know it's going to be an absolute winner. Currently baking out for use in max but at the moment just tuning in c4d and corona. Would buy again without hesitation if there was a max port. Great job Stefan and team.

Off-Topic / Re: Scam Artists
« on: 2019-12-08, 23:20:09 »
We were sent the same email. Also had a similar one from someone else. A landscape architect based 'in Europe'.

Some good sounding advice. Thanks for sharing. I have a 2970wx machine that really seems to struggle when rendering full-res final output. I get the Max Windows dance and the machine becomes totally unresponsive until its finished rendering. It also struggles when I have Max and Photoshop open at the same time.

Photoshop can really lag (also with my previous AMD 16 core build) but I'm starting to think the 'photos' app you mentioned might be one of the culprits as it does sometimes improve when I close that. Does anyone else get serious photoshop lag? I never used to when I had intel machines. I will often have a few Max sessions going at once though, especially if they are big files that take an age to open but I'm trying to rein that in too. I thought with 128GB RAM I should easily be able to handle all this stuff but it seems there are other factors at work so I will go down your list!

Thanks again.

LOL, dont believe the hype! Their prices have actually gone up. I wouldnt call $199 per month cheap for megascans for DCC apps for anyone who isnt a one man band. Great for unreal bad for arch viz.

Thanks Rowmanns.

There are a load of xrefs in that file. I think I'll try stripping it back when I get chance and try and simplify it as best I can and see how that effects the caustics.

I've tried the new caustics on a few interior scenes so far and I cant seem to get clean caustics. The result is still what I would have imagined pre the new solver. I've attached an example below, 70 passes and the scene in general is pretty clean aside from the caustics. The main external glass is set to thin so that shouldnt confuse it. Is it designed for large internal spaces or more for small close up scenes?


That's still pretty speedy! Thanks

Nice one. Thanks team

Feature requests / Railclone 4 material from segment support
« on: 2019-10-24, 15:20:33 »
Hello. Railclone 4 has just been released and a good feature is now being able to get the materials from the individual segments rather than making an uber multisub and applying it to the railclone object. But it only supports Vray and Arnold. They say they have updated their API so any other render engine can add this support. Is this a possibility?


Good intel. I've used the gradient smart filter set to linear but I can't see any further advanced options without digging further. In the mean time I'm pretty happy with the results now, especially as we wont be getting this close in the final image. Thanks again for your help.

Ah just seen your post on the loader page - yes will do that.

Thanks again. I've just added a gamma of 0.454 in the colour correct shader and that seems to be helping things. I've been playing with gradient knots in Photoshop so I might need to go back to my original and see what happens. Thanks again.

Ha Ha, thanks. But I'm afraid I will need to be spoon fed. I cant work out how to change a bitmaps gamma to gamma 1.

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