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i have went off the "box" version subscription recently but need to rerender an older project.
i have logged into the customer zone but cant seem to find my last installer anywhere.

what is the proper procedure if i am not on the sub anymore?

General Discussion / Re: Subscription Terms part 2
« on: 2017-03-07, 19:07:31 »
sh!t got real here fast.

@maru: thank you, my questions were swiftly handled by the support so you can close this thread.

i guess i might jump on the 2.0 sometime again.
good luck all.

General Discussion / Re: Subscription Terms part 2
« on: 2017-03-07, 00:46:35 »
ffs i knew this was going to happen.
i even put a disclaimer to every point i did that this is "ME" and "personally" and was merely answering a straight question as respectfully as i could.

but there has to be that guy that feels the need to snarkily defend the software of choice.

this is not a debate, not that i think its possible to debate someone with your apparent comprehending skills.
your arguments are rubbish btw and kindly get lost.

General Discussion / Re: Subscription Terms part 2
« on: 2017-03-06, 23:06:21 »
thanks for the reply, and yes i have already asked the support about this and looking forward to the reply.

hope you did not get hung up on the word "ridiculous" but here are the features i could not personally find any use for:

VFB effects - it baffles me someone would want to bake bloom and post into the render. having the flexibility of tweaking stuff in afx or fusion saved my life a bunch of times. pretty sure anyone has one especially now since fusion is free.
so i dont get this but that could be me probably.

Look up Tables - stuff like this is again way more suited for post work in other packages. its great to have it but its really a cherry on the cake sort of stuff.

cubemap vr images/VR camera - how many people needed this feature at this point i have to wonder

lightmix - since there is the interactive render in place, tweaking light postrender is bit redundant to me.

render time boolean - again odd to me personally as i can clip stuff in the viewport if i want to.

standalone lightmixer, denoise, colourmapper - something that is non essential but horses for courses.

new installer  - i mean..ok but not sure what is wrong with the old one.

and then there is a bunch of optimizing but cant fault that i guess, its just that looking at trello, i get the feeling of deliberately taking on tasks not to go into the vdb problem. and this is my projection i know that, but it bummed me out non the less.

this is all from a perspective of an corona outsider at this point mind you.
im sure all of these features are essentiall for your vision and thats fine.

vdb is one of my main gripes and the reason i had to move on from corona.
i hadnt tried hair and stuff like that but im fairly sure that corona is fully featured among the fastest renderers.

the fact that volume rendering has been continually glossed over and never seemed to pop up in the roadmap without ever beeing really adressed made me loose confidence it will come in any sort of foreseeable future. i had to look elsewhere and am happy with the choice i made atm. that is why i am asking about going off maintenence.

General Discussion / Subscription Terms part 2
« on: 2017-03-06, 22:00:39 »
so im on my second subscription year and have recieved the proforma.
now, i have to be honest and say that the path corona has taken meant that i can use it less and less in my projects. im internally debating on whether to prolong it and its actually a matter of principle more than anything else.

my questions kind of remain:
- after im off the sub, how does one get on again? companies i know of usually have penalty system based upon the time one was off. what is the corona way of handling this?

- once im off the sub i can keep using the version im at in perpetuity right?
i can also access the download data forever aswell? no issues to be vary of?

i dont mind at all paying and supporting something even if i dont use it, but i am looking closer into the policies of each company i deal with lately. i know its stupid but i cannot help myself and i always admired the "no bullshit " attitude corona had.

on a personal note, im really disappointed to see so many (imho) ridiculous features creep in while vdb is actually not even mentioned. that bummed me out tbh but its besides the point.

well there is no map to be selected for one.
only in scanline and quicksliver do i get the option.

might have missed somn.
how do you use it?

thanks for the quick reply btw.

Edit: weird. now i can select it. well nice.
disregard this.

Resolved feature requests / 2017.1 blended box support
« on: 2016-11-19, 14:25:32 »

so autodesk just came out with some nice features in 2017.1
the blended box map for one, but is currently not supported by corona.

could we hope for a quick fix?

thanks ondra,

well, it seems odd:
i just copied the objects and the copy works. weirder still, the light is still being reflected even on the black version.

ive attached the scene and the rendering

i tried to reproduce this and it only occurs when the environment map is on, either hrd or corona sky.

3ds max 2017 sp3

i´ve just updated and having bit of trouble with the scene im working on:

my main light source is a mesh placed inside of a glass shell, sort of like a neon light.
if i use the proper light material and refractive glass, the light objects within turns black.

regular material with light emission works but that case i cannot get enough light for the surrounding.

am i doing something wrong here?

Resolved bugs / Re: render element crashes max 2017
« on: 2016-08-26, 14:58:05 »
disregard this bug report.
turns out it has nothing to do with corona render elements.

it happens to me every time i click "add render elements" in max.

f*ckin autodesk man.

Resolved bugs / render element crashes max 2017
« on: 2016-08-26, 14:47:00 »
this happens without fail on my system:

- add some render element while corona is set as render engine
- switch to scanline
- click on "add new element".
- crash

Resolved feature requests / Re: Open VDB support
« on: 2016-06-03, 13:31:17 »
i hope finally corona add this in 1.5 , it will be really useful even for Archviz

its not happening bruh, the roadmap is clear about it.

not sure how these priorities are set but 1.5 feature list looks pretty uninspired.
how any of these features is more important then VDB´s is beyond me but i guess the guys have their reasons.

sad to have had to move on to other engines but i still use corona as my bread and butter renderer. cant say i see myself upgrading again tho.

hi juang3d,

no, pretty sure that is not the case. there is no "if" nor a mention of that 2.0 scenario. that is the strange part to me.

i dont want to stir anything up here, since i do love corona. talented and hard working people behind it should reap all of the benefits of their product.
as juraj put it aswell though, the reasoning is not exactly flawless.
the whole point to me is that the value that corona continually provides should really itself motivate people to use it, be uptodate and want to support the development, not try to come up with schemes on how to spare some meager amount of money. its probably idealistic from me to say that most working in 3d do realize that they share their ecosystem with software manufacturers.

seems that daniel, juang and me make the whole of the boxed clientele so it makes it a non issue.
i will extend my sub, its not a money thing. i just wanted to voice my thoughts fwiw.

happy to let this thread die btw.

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