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Hello, guys! I think I got a Corona bug here, but I have decided to start a new topic here first. I got a repetitive crash of 3d max when rendering using DR. I got 1 main and 4 slaves machines. The project is relatively simple- studio render of the door changing only the material id of 2 elements. The crash is always happening when I try to render the darkest version. Firstly it starts increasing render time then got frozen then " the error is occurred and the application will now close. Do you want to attempt to save a copy of the current scene?Yes.No." and that's it. Debug retain EXR is ticked off. I am attaching the logfile might help to detect whats wrong.

Bug Reporting / Re: Corona saving layered EXR on render end
« on: 2019-08-25, 13:53:27 »
It is happening when using DR. I have created a topic but perhaps it was deleted in order to not duplicate the matter

Bug Reporting / DR error. Slave error
« on: 2019-08-25, 13:48:26 »
DR error. Accumulating EXR from slave*** failed with error: Got lex::BaseExc:error reading pixel data from image file"memory". Unexpected data blocky coordinate..
Corona 4.1 latest update. Actually, DR slave is trying to save exr file even the main box for saving is unticked

The file is too large though. I couldn't attach it

General Discussion / Re: Corona training
« on: 2018-05-02, 17:40:21 »
What are you really expecting from the courses? None of the tutorials or Master classes will ever make you an artist. It is all learning by mistakes. And besides, I will doubt that for now it is a real demand for Corona masterclass, as no one knows what will happen with further development. At least for a year, I suppose. So be patient and learn from You tube, btw there are a bunch of nice tutorials there

I need help / Re: Blurred image in Corona 1.7
« on: 2017-11-10, 10:42:43 »
Hi, Maru. Thanks for your support. I do not have the same region as previously I have rendered an animation using HD 720 output resolution. Obviously, the simplest solution is the right one. I have reset the Corona render settings and it worked like a charm. The problem I think was that previously I have had motion blur ticked for objects. But the problem persists even when everything was ticked off. Resetting  Render settings worked well. Sorry if this was a noobie question

I need help / Blurred image in Corona 1.7
« on: 2017-11-10, 10:05:15 »
Hi, there. Also in Corona 1.7 I have sadly discovered that the image is blured a lot vs Corona 1.6. The new light solver is of and the scene is only lightened using sun+HDRI. Image attached. Could it be because I used a scene created in corona 1.5? Or there is a new algorithm? BTW everything is disabled - denoiser etc. PT+PT

Comfort zone! Ahahaha ^__^  Are you serious? I woul dlike you should able to watch inside they office now during the release of Corona 1.7 =)

Try to think: nobody knew about this acquisition. Only the CoronaTeam, that's all. And, they started one years ago.
Have you seen what they did in the last year? Corona v1.5, Corona v1.6 and, now, Corona v1.7
Have you seen how many new tools they added from the 1.6 to v1.7?
Look at road map. Every new release, the list of new tools is 10-20% longer ;-)
There is already the v1.8 road-map...
Honestly, I was very skeptical and shocked the first day I have read this news (like almost 90%of Corona users).
But, now, me feelings are EXACLTY the opposite =)
valwizard, if you want to stop to use Corona, it's your choose.
But, please, come back here in one or two years and, believe me, you will regret your decision.
Corona, Corona team and Corona community are, now, full of energy and hope, more than before!
Good advise, thank you. Why not? Seams that this is an era of hybrids, definitely worth to try))

I'm sick of mergers and acquisitions. It does nothing but disrupt innovation.
This sucks. It's really sad news.
Corona team you better not go into your comfort zone! (please)
Edit: Actually I'm shocked and disappointed at Chaos Group for not being able to come up with something on their own.

We actually had to go waaaay out of our comfort zone for this ;)
Absolutely no doubts. Just sad that you could not find the alternative solutions for raising *** funds. I think if you would've honestly started a campaign, and have explained to all your users and beloved that Corona further development is under a danger, I have no doubts that you could've to rise any money you need and sink Vray forever. But who am I to judge you? I am disappointed for the years I spent on studying Corona. It is funny that now there is a hell lot of "Corona guru" trying to sell seminars and training on the renderer, which in no time will be dead. Good luck Ondra and thanks for the past years of real fun and adventure. Your product was good, but, let us to be honest was developed ( copied ) from the Vray and the end is predictable. There will be place for someone new to challenge you guys in the future. I believe...?...

I have to admit that i'm a bit scared... but ok, for now it is a good thing...

Think about Autodesk buying Alias (Maya, StudioTools...) and let it live beside 3dsmax...
And that was the end of absolutely amazing Mudbox!

I need help / Re: LWF and highlight compression
« on: 2017-09-25, 15:58:05 »
Thanks, I've seen this video long time ago, but the question still remains, I am afraid. What is gonna happen, for example, if you check Photographic exposure instead? Will this affect the LWF?

I need help / Re: LWF and highlight compression
« on: 2017-09-25, 14:16:19 »
I don't know if it is the right place to drop my question as well as I got it, but here it is:
- What is the right way of having an correct output 1/1/1 for further compositing? With all my respects to Corona but I could find only infinite debates all around this subject but never right in focus. With all the topics I got only lost in the mud instead of clarifying how to actually make a correct output exr32 in Corona in order to compose all passes. What should be the values in Tone mapping in order to have a correct output ( not washed, not guessed). For instances: in Vray you have separated colour mapping from the gamma. And you have the predictable result and a good starting point. In Corona instead - Tone mapping actually affects the gamma, for instances different exposure values will affect gamma output. Please help to understand this workflow, if possible. For now I am considering that the correct values should be Exposure = 0 Highlight compression= 1 Contrast =1, anything else should be left at 0. Is that correct?
- Off course I am considering that the right way to tweak is only the camera settings - not the sky or sun intensity values, is that correct too?

Gallery / Re: First animation experiance with Corona RC1
« on: 2016-12-05, 18:04:42 »
Overall looks very good and clean, except some frames you have dark foreground patches crossing the screen. Interiors is where I liked it more. I would only can suggest to pay more attention to the camera work. First of all get reed of the ease in/ ease out, it looks pretty weird and breaks the flow. Also some movements need attention( for instance when camera  moves up and then suddenly right , like a shoulder , these movements look kind of unnatural to me. Otherwise it is a nice job!

I need help / Re: PB with Corona proxy
« on: 2016-05-18, 17:27:14 »
You can add one through Customise user interface, As a button or menu or shortcut

I need help / Re: HD Success rate and noise in corona 1.4
« on: 2016-05-18, 17:24:52 »
I'm not expert like Juraj, but with adaptivity, Corona will spend less time on "easy" surface/shaders, and he will concentrate his energy on the most difficult areas.
That's why, with adaptivity ON, simple flat surface have more noise. But, at the same time, complex areas (DOF, MBlur, heavy glossy surface) will be much more clean (in the same rendertime)

In my opinion, if your "complex" area s aren't too much (like 10% of your image), maybe, it's better to turn off adaptivity...
But, we have no parameters for to tweak the adaptivity. Or ON, or OFF... And adaptivity recalc doesn't change a lot the final result.

I would like to hear some official Corona answer ))
I am not an expert neither,  but I would like to know what am I doing instead of testing. I found these new features quite interesting, for some of the guys might absolutely worthy, not for me yet, as I am not playing much with DOF and so... What I would really like to have in Corona - more flexibility and real improvements for sampling, probably material subdivisions,  better lighting behaviour. So far the guys made absolutely stunning job. By the time Corona will come to 3.3 version I am sure it will be an absolute winner.

I need help / Re: HD Success rate and noise in corona 1.4
« on: 2016-05-18, 16:19:19 »
I am really surprised as I am feeling that something is wrong. I hate do not understand what happens every time I do something. Again can anyone tell what is this adaptivity, how this algorithm works, why the result is opposite than you expect? Jurai, you are the most experienced guy in Corona, could you explain how this relates to samples? I am still in the dark and hate guessing even though there is a result but the most important question is Why?
I can only guess again that is making the noise more obvious and easier to detect and clean by denoiser

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