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Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-02-03, 16:37:15 »
This new 300W DTP Air cooler from Zelman looks pretty solid! Wish that was a TR4 version,

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-24, 11:17:53 »
I was looking at that board yesterday and it seems like the power stages are the only thing they added/changed on top of regular Zenith II? That`s just sad. And they probably going to  slap like 1000USD price tag on it. PCIE layout is still sub optimal, and that 4th slot at the bottom still share the bandwidth with dimm2 slot, leaving it with 4x speed only.  At that pricertag Aorus Exreme seems superior.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-23, 18:03:14 »
Is that temperature shown on the LED display onboard ? Or actual core temperatures from HWiNFO ?


Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-23, 17:11:07 »
All right, upgrade complete.  3970x + Zenith II + 128GB TridentZ 2933 CL14. Corona 1.3 bench 29s . Old vray bench 20s. No oveclock, no PBO.
I`m pleasantly surprised with temps vs all core freq after 1h rendering, stable at 63 degrees at 30% fan speeds on all fans. All cores freq. are 3950Mhz.  Dual 360rad + Heatkiller IV for the win!

I think Zenith II have fu** bios, can`t do anything to fan speeds prior to windows boot. They all run full speed, including pump. On latest bios that is.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-20, 15:41:23 »
What do you use Raid 0 NVMe for?

As main work drive. I do a lot of heavy Houdini sims and need both size and speed. Like on current job i do a 2-3 sim iterations a day,  roughly 1.5TB written, and maybe 2-4TB read back daily, Doing viewport previews, renders, converting volumes to vdbs, alembics, that kind of stuff, i can utilize both 32cores and NVME drives with running 1-8 deadlines slave on single workstation. Some times i can see disk the utilization peak over 50% on raid 0, running 2x2TB Samsung Evo. I wonder how long those drives will last...

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-20, 11:13:09 »
My Zenith II + 3970X came in today, will replace my dying x399 Aorus Extreme board with 2990wx. I went Zenith this time because i use lot of NVME drives,NVME raid 0 too, so dimm.2 slot is very handy.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-07, 11:22:28 »
No info on TRX WX80,hmm.. they ditched that completly? No mention of 48core 3980 either..
So 3970X seem like best choice now, or wait one year for 7+nm refresh.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-11-07, 16:23:00 »
I`m kind of OK with the 3960/3970 progress, was expecting the base clock around 3500/3600, so i`m pleasantly surprised to see 3700/3800.

Wish i could say the same about the boards. Just looking at the new boards, layout,VRM blocks/fans, it`s going to be a mess again.  It`s best to wait for some real results, specially the VRMs, temps under longer load. 280W is a lot, with medium OC we`ll be at 400-450W.

ASUS ROG ZENITH II EXTREME looks solid so far, with the VRM fans.
AORUS EXTREME,hm same as last year, if you want 4 slots space, good. Otherwise no Active VRM fans on top? and they slap same nonsense plastic cover/stripe there. No lesson learned here..

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-08-29, 21:34:46 »

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-06-26, 22:33:11 »
That new NH-D15 looks really good! I`ll definitely try one of those when i get the chance. 
On the other hand, dissipating 400W into the case...., not something to take lightly.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2019-06-23, 14:31:48 »
Hey guys, somebody on W10 1903 ?  i updated last week, but i don`t see any improvements to 2990wx performance...

Looking forward for next generation of Threadrippers later on this year. Seems like  EPYC lineup shows really great improvements  , completely destroying Intel in  performance/watt/price ratio.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-11-13, 22:40:30 »
Hey, i`m running that same kit you talking about  f4-2933c14q2-128gtzrx on same board no issues. Over past 2 months i`ve tried all 3 bioses available, all work fine. Only time i was experiences any crashed was when i was testing extreme overclocks. 
If you run CPU at stock clock speeds, and runnning ram at profile 1(2933) there should be no issues. If i have to wild guess, maybe it`s the AIO cooler, or terrible air flow i case with overheating VRM. 68 deg Celsius, at this temp CPU should start throttling already...  Both are easy to check, run HWiNFO64 and let us know what temps you getting. Look for CPU(Tdie) and VRM MOS.  Just run a long render that utilize CPU at 100%, watch the windows task manager 100% cpu line and if it starts dipping occasionally, you are in trouble :)

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-11-06, 01:48:17 »
Great, let us know how it went. For me 3.8 at 1.1v rendering for hours was working fine, no crashes. But i was getting crashes in houdini simulations, so i bumped it a bit to 1.15 and running smooth now. I guess this really is silicon lottery territory, you might get lucky and run lower then me, or not :)

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-11-05, 21:31:33 »
Running PBO, temperature wise is probably the worst option. It overvolts the CPU so so much.  Seeing 1.4-1.5v !!! on some cores it`s not rare.  For illustration i can run 3.8GHz on all cores at 1.15v  and get better temps then default PBO.
At 1.1-1.15v for all cores,the total CPU power consumption is around 275W, will get you 5850Cinebench.
Runing PBO will get you up to 300W, and get around 5200-5300 Cinebench.

So if we are talking purely about rendering performance, or 24/7 render loads, Manual OC is the way to go.

If you struggle with single tread performance or use poorly threaded applications,then PBO can help, but not much. Because, how much can you gain,going from 3.8 to 4.0-4.1 on those couple of cores that can take it..

btw, spent about a month bencharking 2990wx on Linux(ubuntu and mint) and it`s just ridiculous how much faster it is on Linux compared to Windows, some application, like Houdini, up to  30% on simulations(pyro/grains/).

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-10-23, 13:20:32 »
Sorry to hear that. What happen the the board btw? any indications?  Did you had it overclocked? I`m running Aorus Extreme, so far so good. Updated bios twice, all was fine, even Raid0 data stayed intact. Its ok board, but have it`s limits in VRM. I would not recommend overclocking it for 24/7 rendering use unless you can manage/mod the VRM cooling.  I`ve removed those "nice looking"  but useless plastic covers from VRM and i have 10 degree lower temps.  I added extra fan and got another 15 degrees lower temp. 25c difference that`s just crazy, and shows how stupid this LED/GAMING marketing is, creating rainbow looking board, rather then a functional one, just sad...

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