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I need help / Re: Corona 2.0 + Win10 = DR render problem
« on: 2018-08-10, 12:14:54 »
This is standart Windows10 firewall. No specific application.
In the firewall, the permission for DrServer.exe for TCP and UDP protocol is registered separately. I have asked my admins for details, because they did it and helped to me.
Yes, it works now without "Search lan" option.

Admin created these two new rules for input connection for DR server.
In the top-left corner automatically created rule by installer, I thought. We leaved it.

I need help / Re: Corona 2.0 + Win10 = DR render problem
« on: 2018-08-07, 10:08:02 »

Attentive firewall and policy setup for Drserver.exe and check/uncheck "Search lan during render" helped me.

I need help / Re: Corona 2.0 + Win10 = DR render problem
« on: 2018-08-03, 11:12:07 »
No, it doesnt.

I need help / Re: Corona 2.0 + Win10 = DR render problem
« on: 2018-08-03, 09:51:43 »
Thanks for the advices. I was sure that everything is set up correctly, because the renderfarm has been working for a long time on. I described the problem and asked my system administrator to check the network settings. As a result, after a while, one of the nodes began to work, but the second one is not yet available.
I do not know what exactly he did, but I ask him to do it again. :)

These are attached logs from problem node:

I need help / Re: Corona 2.0 + Win10 = DR render problem
« on: 2018-08-01, 08:58:13 »
The log is it the 1st post.

I need help / Re: Corona 2.0 + Win10 = DR render problem
« on: 2018-07-31, 16:21:42 »
The olution for me was not to use the detect nodes, but to enter their names or ip addresses manually.

I do the same. I have a list and I select the nodes manually.
But only windows7 nodes are working.

Try every daily build is no good for us, we need to work, not to chase the bugs.

Hello! I have a problem with nodes on windows10 - Connection failed.
But nodes on win7 are connect correctly.

Will someone have met with such a bug?

Workstation: Win10+corona 2.0 max2016
Nodes: Win10+corona2.0 max2016

Firewall checked, net configuration OK, Run DR under User/Administrator doesnt matter.

Resolved bugs / Glossy in reflection bug
« on: 2017-09-19, 11:41:35 »
Corona 1.6

Conversion of proxy objects is not working.

I fixed the problem with crash. It was 3dmax bug. Deleting 3dmax.ini will fix it.

News / Re: Corona Renderer 1.5 hotfix 1 released!
« on: 2016-10-19, 16:31:39 »
Pop-up message "Error in .conf file" is fixed too?

I found the same problem in SystemSettings.conf
This file is also necessary to fix by the same way, if the error continues to appear.

It works! Even after restart PC. Thank you so much!

It is not a problem to run any program as administrator. It is easy. It will be good!
And sometimes it is a only way to run a program correctly.

Romullus, no problem )) Im just try to explain in detail the situation and find a solution, wich good for all. I agree with you about Microsoft.

We cannot use non localized windows, because of license. Because it is not only one user at home, who can do all he want. This is company, architectural bureau. We bought 7 box subscriptions, and we expect that the program will work.
The last version of Corona works well. And the others too. So, "dont use localised windows" is not an answer, is not a solution.

And, for example, if Corona will use this path: "C:\Program Files\Corona"
instead of this (which can changed from user to user):
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\en-US\plugcfg\corona
is will be the solution.
Or, may be, button "Set config dir", if this dir is a weak/important point of program.

So, how to fix the problem with error window, with crash in new user account during install? Maybe hotfix fo 1.5?

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