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I need help / Re: Spherical camera / Backburner strips
« on: 2015-02-02, 11:11:58 »
I think I've figured it out. Hopefully this'll help someone else in the future, would be best though if this gets fixed and just works with the backburner strips.

Code: [Select]
PanoRegion = box2 0 0 5000 500

viewport.setRegionRect 1 PanoRegion

I need help / Re: Spherical camera / Backburner strips
« on: 2015-02-02, 10:43:18 »
Seems like a possible solution, how would I do that with the spherical camera though since the viewport of that camera doesn't match the end result.

EDIT: Tested it and it just scales so if I take a region of the top half of the viewport it'll render the top half of the complete panorama, now I need to figure out how to set render region values using maxscript.

I need help / Spherical camera / Backburner strips
« on: 2015-02-02, 10:20:38 »
Rendering my scene using a spherical camera went fine on lower resolutions, on higher resolutions it crashed so I set it up to render in 10 strips in Backburner, the render didn't crash overnight but it is rendering the complete panorama in every strip really stretched out instead of just rendering out parts of it.

Is this behaviour normal? And is there any way to render out a really high resolution panorama in parts?

I've attached the first strip of the panorama, all other strips look identical to this one.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Siger various tests
« on: 2015-01-26, 15:06:58 »
Is there any kind of ETA for the corona material presets?

You guys have to understand that at least generating traffic to their website is the least amount of thanks and why torrents are avoided.

They probably originally thought people would handpick what they need, but alas, collector's mania runs deep.

Of course they deserve the attention for this great gesture but those HDRI's will be downloaded, packed together and torrented anyway. I think it's smarter to be a step ahead and offer a torrent on their own website with a couple of seeders then you have the traffic without needing the bandwith.

I know that there is a big stigma around torrents but they can also be used in a good and sustainable way.

Well it seems that a torrent would not be such a bad idea as I could not download from any sources, dropbox or google are on their knees, mirror here goes at one Hdri/6hrs... only noEmotion website works, but the four zip I downloaded are all 'corrupted' according to winrar or 7zip... according to 3dsmax too by the way...
P2P is not bad in itself far from it !!

They are amazing anyway, a few seems just like in my dreams !

A torrent for this isn't a bad idea, however sending people to that website is. Creating a torrent and sharing it here would be a great initiative, someone with the complete set could make one and I would be to seed it once I get it.

Really nice gesture from you guys, I've been a fan of your and Marek Denko's work for years, your fungi image has been my background image for quite some time a couple of years ago.

General Discussion / Re: Corona Pricing
« on: 2014-12-05, 14:00:58 »
Kyle is right, there is already a solution and together with Blender and GIMP you can make CG without software costs and without pirating.

The thing is that because pirating is so normal in those countries it doesn't really matter what price you set as it'll be pirated anyway, so that's why the price is probably set for the EU/US market.

General CG discussion / Re: switchin to iMac
« on: 2014-12-03, 11:56:26 »
There is no 3DS Max for OSX, if I remember correctly it is possible to run bootcamp and install windows but if you are going to do that you are much better off just building your own pc with better specs for a much lower price.

In my opinion iMacs in general are completely useless for viz work.

Gallery / Re: Personal home project 12
« on: 2014-11-19, 15:16:59 »
Two things that really bother me and should be easy to fix are the obvious tiling in the wood texture that continues over multiple beams on the roof. I think it would look a lot better if you were to randomize these textures a lot more.

Overall the lighting and materials look decent.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: arch. design project
« on: 2014-11-19, 10:07:34 »
In that case it makes sense :), the second image is a lot better already in terms of atmosphere, really like the thin lines you added to the window, distinguishes what's inside from the outside a lot better.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: arch. design project
« on: 2014-11-18, 22:13:42 »
It's a decent start, what really bothers me though is that the cut out pattern in the wall doesn't match up with the texture also the scale of the texture is really off unless the brick size is meant to be very non typical.

The door would be around 110-120cm high if the bricks were standard bricks.

Gallery / Re: House Breukelen, Blender & Corona
« on: 2014-11-13, 22:43:20 »
Thank you guys for your comments!

I really hope as well that missing features will be eventually included in Standalone version and then transferred to Blender. Such a pity with GPL licensing nightmare but we have to deal with it... Anyways - I don't know how fast is built in Corona displacement but using standard Blender modifiers for that can also give nice results. I've used it on the roof wooden beams but it's unfortunately not super visible on my shots.

I'm fairly new to Blender still so it could well be that I missed some neat tricks but the problem with using Blender's displace and subdivision modifiers is that it isn't optimized and takes up a lot of RAM while Corona with 3DS Max handles this really neatly and subdivides adaptively so that it subdivides every polygon independently depending on the size and the distance to the camera.

Besides displacement I would really like to see Gloss/Roughness maps and fresnel falloff mapping.

Gallery / Re: ps3 gamepad
« on: 2014-11-12, 23:46:48 »
Looks really great, maybe a bit too much CA and it would be even better if you add the same dirtyness to the buttons.

Do you mind sharing how you did the lighting for this shot?

Gallery / Re: House Breukelen, Blender & Corona
« on: 2014-11-12, 00:20:44 »
Really awesome stuff and great tutorials, it really sucks that Corona standalone in combination with Blender isn't fully featured yet, for clean interior scenes you can probably manage but the lack of displacement for example. I would love to switch to Blender completely.

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