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I need help / Re: shadowcatcher not working right
« on: 2019-12-11, 14:51:07 »
Thanks for your help! Hopefully this can be fixed soon! It's kind of frustrating that this is still a bug in the software. I need to make deadlines and this testing takes a lot of time. As I said I started a topic on this about a year ago and the same issue surfaced. I was hoping it would have been fixed by now!

In any case, thanks for your help!

I need help / Re: shadowcatcher not working right
« on: 2019-12-11, 12:44:57 »
Another case that's also weird:

There are no lights in the scene just the box and a plane with a shadow catcher material. The box is reflecting in on the plane. This shouldn't be right, because there is no light hitting the box.

Sorry if I'm sending too much information, I'm just reporting what I bump into :)

I need help / Re: shadowcatcher not working right
« on: 2019-12-11, 12:17:35 »
Thanks. Yes I noticed and that seems to fix it for that scene.

I think i fixed it, I remember talking in another topic about this and a user told me that when the background color is a full black some stuff doesn't work with the shadow catcher material. Changing the bg colour to the darkest tint of black makes it work for some reason. The weird thing is that I have scenes where this works and scenes where it doesn't.

I also have a scene with only one light, excluded the floor plane but it's still showing up as a reflection, only when I turn off "Occulde other lights" it disappears. It weird showing up at all because in my previous tests a Corona light wouldn't show up in the reflection at all. But that might be because the background colour is set to a value 21. Changing the background color to 21 makes the alpha channel almost completely white.

Hope this helps

I need help / Re: shadowcatcher not working right
« on: 2019-12-10, 16:38:59 »
Another thing that I noticed that is weird, is that Corona Lights and Corona Light materials don't show up as a reflection in the alpha of a shadow catcher material. But a normal Corona material with an emitting component to it, does. So now I'm replacing lights that should be reflective on the ground plane by a material that's emitting light. But the problem is that a material doesn't have all the options a normal Corona light does.

I need help / Re: Engraved plexiglass
« on: 2019-12-10, 16:34:40 »
This specific part is injection moulded polycarbonate and it will be clear, so no colour.

I still need to find the time to take a look at this, will try in the coming days. :)

I need help / Re: shadowcatcher not working right
« on: 2019-12-10, 14:25:26 »
Thanks, I sent you a PM.

I need help / shadowcatcher not working right
« on: 2019-12-10, 11:40:11 »

I have an issue with the shadow catcher material. In the screenshot below you see my scene, in there I have a flat box with a lot of lights shining on it (there are suppose to be other things on the box but I can't show that), some of the objects are Included in some lights and others are excluded in other lights. In ALL lights have the bottom plane is excluded except for the light blue plane you see. This light is creating the blue glow, which I expect to see in my alpha channel. But now I get all kinds of shadows and artefacts in the alpha channel. There is also a rectangle showing up in the alpha channel somehow.

Below the first image you can see the alpha channel when I hide all the lights except for the blue plane, this is how I expected it to look because the blue light is the only light that should be affecting the shadow catcher plane.

Is this correct behavior? The obvious fix is to render 2 images but I prefer not having to do that. Btw I'm on corona 4 so upgrading might help but I prefer not to do that just yet.


I need help / Re: Engraved plexiglass
« on: 2019-12-04, 11:00:07 »
Will try this later today. It makes perfect sense what you're saying. I'll do some tests later.

I try not to use self-illumination because I'll have to create a gradient with different colour to get the mix effect and also self-illumination quickly changes to a bright white colour. I'll try to play with the glossiness though :)

I need help / Re: Engraved plexiglass
« on: 2019-12-04, 10:37:47 »
Thanks for the scene, I like the way you used the text so I copied it and made it a lot thinner. That's more the effect I'm looking for. The problem is still that there is a very bright light at the bottom but the top of the box doesn't glow at all. You can see it catches light but it's not bright enough to give a bloom or glare effect. This is not how it behaves in the real world unfortunately.

@romullus & Br0nto
I tried both things but it doesn't work. I tried using a rough material on the faces that needed it and also tried to use a texture as a mask for a rough material. The light does not catch the rough faces like it would in the real world. Make the faces into an emitter works, but I need different colours and lights from different directions to mix with each other and thus give a different effect than just one bright emitter. I did a test with a rough material on the edges but the edges just don't light up bright enough. In the image below I set the emitter to an insanely high value (500.000 lux) and it kind of works but it ends up over lighting the scene. So I included only the box in the lights and that works better but when I turn on bloom and glare I get this superbright spotlight.


So you can see the colors of the light mixing, which is good, but again the lights have to be very bright and I'm afraid that's not workable for me. I haven't tried using a falloff effect because that takes a lot of time to get right, I'll see if I can later today but I'm on a tight deadline (isn't it always the case).

I need help / Re: Engraved plexiglass
« on: 2019-12-03, 15:20:33 »
I now realise that this is posted in the wrong section, please move it to the "I need help" section :)

I need help / Engraved plexiglass
« on: 2019-12-03, 15:03:57 »

I've been struggling with this for a while now and can't find a solution. I don't even know if it's possible with the corona render engine, but I hope you guys can help out.

I'm looking for a material that can do this effect:

I need the light, that's emitted from the bottom, to hit the engraving on the front side and also make the rough sides glow. I've done a lot of tests but I can't seem to get this effect. How do I make a bump map interact with the light rays that are going through the glass material? And also make the edges emit light. I could of course, give the faces that need to emit light a light material but that does often nog give the right effect in terms of glow effect and colour mixture. So I would like to simulate how this behaves in the real world, but is this possible? And how?

Feature requests / Re: Native UDIM support...
« on: 2019-11-07, 09:47:10 »
That's unfortunate. I was hoping that it would be included in the V5 update, but top priority sounds good to me!

Feature requests / Re: Native UDIM support...
« on: 2019-10-24, 11:10:07 »
Is there any news on this?

I need help / Saving for 10bit HDR format
« on: 2019-09-13, 11:23:58 »

I'm rendering some content to sell as stock footage and I want to export to a 10bit HDR video format. I'm wondering what the best format is to save the separate images to from 3ds max. Of course I could just use the EXR 32bit format with no compression but that saves huge files and because I'm rendering 8K footage that will take a lot of disk space. So what is the best format to do this in and what do you guys recommend as the minimum setting for this?

Any advice is welcome, I'm quite new to the HDR video thing. :)


General CG discussion / Re: gorilla cam 3ds max alternative
« on: 2019-07-01, 11:25:43 »
Thanks Romullus, I'll check that out!

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