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Corona for Blender / Re: Blender Exporter v3 released
« on: 2018-09-17, 13:42:41 »
But, is it necessary a standalone version to work with Blender's Corona addon?.

Thanks again.
By the way, where can I download the stand alone version for Blender?.
I thought that it was in am official link but it's empty.
Best regards.

Corona for Blender / Re: Blender Exporter v3 released
« on: 2018-09-17, 00:03:41 »
Where can I download the standalone files?.
I found a link at bitbucket which redirected me to a dropbox folder but there's nothing here.!Standalone?dl=0
Please could you provide me a link from where I can download the standalone version?.
Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards.

Zoran great scenes and great help.
Only 500MB un HD ?.
This means a serious limitation for the scene in terms of vegetation models.
Thanks for your answer.

blenderI just found someone do it!. A valley of grass done with Corona for Blender and a successfully export.

This is a quick render-test with cycles of the scene I was trying to export: 1.2GB size on HD.
I'm a newbye with Blender and I still don't know how to setup correctly the global illumination and hdris.
With Corona I know how to do that in 3DSMAX because I can vary the light of each light including the ambient light from the sun or any light source listed in the lightmixing , in realtime or when the render has ended. This feature has saved me too much time in the past!. :)

I created a scene in Blender simulating a valley with hundreds and maybe millions of instances with the awesome addon Grasswalds and decided to give a try to your awesome program but I couldn't export the scene. It was my first try doing this process (following the great instructions in the Chocofur website).
I think that first I should try with a simpler scene rather than with this "monster".
Kind regards and thank you very much for your efforts and dedication. This makes great you and your project.

Hence there's no way to use Grasswalds with Corona for Blender?. :(

I would like to know if you have had some issue when tried to export a scene with the Awesome Grasswalds for Blender.
I tried it last friday with a huge scene I'm working on and I could complete the export phase.
Did you tried some export with this add-on?.
I suppose that there's no problem exporting Blender's native particle systems to Corona Blender renderengine.
Thanks in advance.

Corona for Blender / Re: Blender Exporter v8.0.0
« on: 2018-07-05, 18:26:13 »
I'm thinking to move to Blender and OH MY GOD, I'm a Corona's fan and I can't wait to see if Corona for Blender  works so well like with my 3DSMAX2018.

I don't think that cycles can compete against Corona, which I think it's the best for some many reasons (the non  needing of graphic card for instance, the main reason).

Ahhh, yes yes.

Thanks for your inspiration because I know understand how to do that (see attached image).

From "render elements" there's an element called "bloom&glare" which I suppose stores the information that I didn't know how to save with the .png format.

Thanks to all!.

Best regards.


I would like to know if I can save the glare and bloom effects when I save my image as .png with the Alpha channel.

Is there any way to do this?.

Kind regards.

I need help / Re: How to do a rainbow
« on: 2017-09-02, 21:21:28 »

My client approved the rainbow I achieved and it would be really helpful to see if once I achieved the best fading in all senses, I could match the brightness and tones of each color band in order to get the maximum realism (if it's possible) .

Thank you very much to all of you.  :) :)

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