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Gallery / Re: Vega House
« on: 2016-06-12, 12:58:43 »
This is absolutely one of the best series of images I've seen. Put it in the gallery Corona! :)
The only thing I'd spend more time on is the rocks.

Gallery / Re: CGDIGI Corona render sketchbook
« on: 2016-06-08, 23:00:51 »
Check out the classroom on their official site, they are very good at explaining their product. More companies should do what they do. In the case of Zbrush, tutorials are essential. The learning curve is steep but fun! :)

Gallery / Re: New images Brf TallÄsen
« on: 2016-06-08, 22:55:28 »
I especially like the second one!

"Render only elements" ignores the "render selected" option, at least when its mode is set to "include/exclude list".

I need help / Re: Creating FAST realistic ocean material
« on: 2016-06-03, 11:45:59 »
Have you looked into Phoenix FD?

I have, and it looks really nice, but the map works so-so as a bump/normal map, right?
I haven't had any luck with corona and the Phoenix map yet. With displacement it looks really nice, but my area is 10x10km or so, so the memory hit would be to great...

I need help / Re: Creating FAST realistic ocean material
« on: 2016-06-03, 10:47:48 »
Me too. You can download the file from the Vimeo link. Did you find easy moving your workflow from Photoshop (I assume) to Fusion?

Absolutely, I was mostly using After Effects earlier, and the node-based workflow for animations in Fusion is fantastic!
The scene is pretty cool. I'm trying to scale it to the huge environment I need in the scene.

Still looking for a good Corona-solution of course..

I need help / Re: Creating FAST realistic ocean material
« on: 2016-06-03, 10:35:41 »
Consider this has your last option, put perhaps you could have a look at Fusion. I saw an amazing water shader that they used for a couple of movies. It is real time and very easy to use.

That's funny, since I use Fusion for compositing! :) I will definitely have a look, thanks!

I need help / Creating FAST realistic ocean material
« on: 2016-06-03, 09:34:48 »
I have a job that will require many animations of fly-bys on objects at sea. Think oil rigs viewed from helicopters. I'm using Siger maps as bump-maps to make waves. I'm using no refraction on the water as I think that would take too long to calculate. The ocean is just one big rectangle with my ocean material on it. The scene is lit with a Corona Sun and the skylight environment. I'm having problems with fireflies.

What would be a nice way to set up a fast rendering realistic ocean material for a scene like this? Would you create haze with a depth-pass in post or is there a better way of doing it in-engine?
I'm attaching a look+feel-image of what I want to accomplish.

Heads up on BerconMaps for 2017, Dave Baker from maxplugins has recompiled them, grab here:
Thank you very much for the heads up!

Tutorials & Guides / Re: CGDIGI Tutorials
« on: 2016-05-26, 15:39:59 »
So when is part three out? It's been DAYS! :D

Many people like Bercon maps. I love them and can't imagine using Corona or any other renderer without them.
So who is going to be a hero and convert this plugin to 3ds max 2017?
I tried installing the bercon maps that worked with max 2016 of course, but they crash on load. :/

News / Re: Corona 1.4 for 3ds Max
« on: 2016-05-16, 16:53:15 »
I can't wait to try this! I've been missing proper render regions for so long, and now we get multiple! Great! Now if only someone could compile Bercon maps to be compatible with max 2017...

Alright! After some snooping I found out what was wrong. Admin can move this to resolved, but it is still interesting IMO:
I had "selection" selected in 3ds max native rendering dialog, under "common". When I deselect it corona behaves as you'd expect, flawlessly. :)
But it is still interesting that corona behaves differently in interactive mode and in "regular" mode. How come?

Render selected seems to have unselected objects contribute black to the alpha channel when i use it in interactive mode, as it should.

But when I use it in regular mode, it is as if I have simply deleted the unselected objects, aka, the alpha gets all wrong, and selected stuff that is hidden behind unselected objects is seen in the render. And I just disovered this today when I have a tight deadline! Halp!

Hm! What a coincidence. I was just asking a question about HDRLS and Corona. Is Corona fully supported?
Edit: Seems like it is! Now there's just the small matter of motivating the price increase for the customer. :D

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