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Thanks for re-posting files. Tested scripts in c4d r18 with Corona A6 rc 5 (core 1.5 (hotfix 2))

and works just fine, except the luminance material, which gives you a warning about the legacy emission value and to use the new corona light material instead.

Also a note about R18 and the recent build of Corona, is that there is a new 'corona' pull down menu option in the materials manager that allows you to create a light, portal, layered, ray or volume material. In previous versions you would have to right click, add corona material, and there were a few more material types that are no longer supported.

Any chance you can re-post the files? They've been working great in V17 but i lost the files when IT rebuilt my machine for windows 10, and i forgot to backup the profile-roaming-maxon folder.

This is great, thank you for your effort! The architectural glass is very useful, especially since i was using a variety of CPU intensive glass for buildings so far with caustics and absorption layers that took forever to render.

Great stuff!

Material ID works for me. You just have to go into the render settings and use the pull-down for the Multi-pass  ID layer and make sure its set to 'material' and not 'primitive' and you should get a great Mat ID layer (see attachment)

OK ive tested a file with 228 textures, and a file with 2091 textures, and they both converted in seconds. Whatever you did was a lifesaver!

Thanks again and promote that plugin beta update immediately!


it worked perfectly!!!! you are a great developer! I will now test more complex files, see what happens and let you know!


You are awesome! Thank you!

Absolutely. Here's the simplest of the 5 files i have to convert, just the materials and the linked textures. As you can see its crashing with just the 16 or so textures and all except thje glass is just a diffuse channel.

My other files have thousands!

Thank you so much for your attention and help,


Thanks for the quick reply! Are there any particular types of shaders you know of that  i can filter manually in the meantime? I have to hurry on this project! Strangely they are all simple c4d materials, created by C4d when importing a DAE model. Nothing fancy like dirt shaders, luminance or even reflections. In fact they are all pretty much just Diffuse channels with the occasional JPG texture in the image slot.

Any thoughts?


Hi your plugin is very valuable so thank you for creating this. I've noticed that with Corona Alpha 3 for C4d, it includes a 'scene converter' that also does material conversion. Is this the same as your plugin because the material converter 1.3 does not work in the new alpha build at all. If they are the same plugin, thats great that its included in the new build.

Problem i am having with 'scene converter' material conversion hangs forever on most conversions. I am using C4d V16 build 16.050 so i'm up to date. Its typically in files with lots of materials. One or two and it works immediately...any more than 10, and it hangs forever. I've left it running over-night so i know i'm not being impatient.

What other factors might cause the scene converter's material conversion to hang? Long material names or long file names for the textures?

Any help you can provide would be appreciated.



with the cinema 4d Alpha3 implementation and 4 new material types including an emitter material, is the process to still use a standard corona material with the HDR image loaded into the 'emitter' channel or is there a new process?

Thanks in advance.


Cannot wait for any new version or the full release! Getting the following features to work would definitely convince me to ditch V-ray and Maxwell licenses and run strictly on Corona for C4d:

Multipass + compositing support
GI portals
Blending textures
Better texture mapping control
Real time!
Post processing (ev adjusting during and after rendering)
two-way texture converting (be able to convert materials back to standard c4d mats)

keep up the great work guys and loving the pricing models on the 3dmax plugins, hopefully they are similar for c4d!

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