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I need help / Re: Tips for enviroment backdrops
« on: 2017-03-23, 01:54:12 »
heres the photo i forgot to attatch :]

I need help / Tips for enviroment backdrops
« on: 2017-03-23, 01:52:52 »
I need some pointers on rendering a background that will be visible through the windows.. i feel like this is pretty basic and i just missed the memo. Normally i just add the background in photoshop but i would like to keep the look of actual glass window panes and the interior reflections that would be casted on them like the attatched picture.
Also how do i deal with the light thats casted from the background image? I tried a high res backdrop and since it wasnt a hdr image the light it casted looked kind of fake and ruined my scene, not only that but it somehow looked blurry even though i turned bitmap blurring to zero. Any help much appreciated thanks!!

Ive been searching online everywhere and havent found much maybe someone here can give me some info,  how would i go about creating a skin map for a human model. It needs to be realistic and im obviously going to have to make a map for every part of the body (hands, elbows, neck,etc) should i just use high quality skin images or paint them or what.. it seems like a daunting task and im not quite sure how to go about it.

Gallery / Re: Warsaw - Willanów (Remake)
« on: 2017-02-24, 06:36:19 »
wow! I always wonder what it is that makes images like this look so real.. every so often you see images like this that look like real life. Sure corona produces fairly realistic images pretty easily but this is just amazing! Any tips or pointers you could give on reaching image quality like yours? Thanks!

Gallery / Re: Veranda House
« on: 2017-02-24, 06:30:40 »
wow! please elaborate on how you did the grass!!

Not even sure if i asked that correctly but I just watched this video and im wondering if this also applies to corona?
Ive seen some talk about color space, dynamic range,etc but couldnt find any real info any resources would be much appreciated.
So what color space is corona in by standard and how exactly do i go about working in other color spaces.. How many other color spaces exist? whats the best to use? any info helps thanks!

I need help / How to get the "thin film" look in corona?
« on: 2017-01-30, 04:25:26 »
this blog post from maxwell is talking about creating a glossy coating on a material that will give a "thin film interference" look.
I think this is kind of related to "dispersion" which i know corona cannot do but is there any other way to fake this or get a similar look?

Awesome thanks guys!!

im trying to get the same effect that the back of a cd disk, soap bubbles, or even a pearlescent paint has where it  reflects a bunch of colours back at once.. anyone have any ideas

Can anyone explain to me what these jagged edges are, they have been showing up in a few of my renders and how to get rid of it> thanks

Saw this scene in a crate and barrel catalouge, not exactly finished it yet. How do you think I can improve it?

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: laptop
« on: 2016-08-16, 06:11:04 »
Hey @FORM32 thanks for the response! yea interesting, i actually just decided to not use a glass screen at all in this image it was just making the ''google'' plane look really weird even with self illum on. I think the problem really is my lighting, I need to work on that for sure. Got any tips or resources i can check out for this so called "studio lighting" haha?

Work in Progress/Tests / laptop
« on: 2016-08-13, 05:21:28 »
just a laptop..

This is probably really basic but ive never seen how to do this where you use a really high quality picture for the background and it looks real in the scene.. such as this picture ive attached with the red roofed building in the background.

Do you just put an image on a plane and render it, or add it in photoshop? I put an image of mountains on a plane and had it outside of a house window but it looked like total trash, very grainy and blurry and out of scale.. i wasnt sure how far away from the window to place the plane/ so yea im confused lol

Gallery / Re: Geometric Wallpaper Renders
« on: 2016-08-12, 17:14:34 »
wow looks awesome, did you do anything special for the laptop glass material.. is the clock just an image behind glass or how exactly did you do that?

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