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Hi Sirio, very nice work! btw dont Forget about the shaders request by users… ;)

Thanks, this first bundle for fabric is almost ready(about 500 high quality shaders), the beta testers are checking everything is fine and we plan to release the product in a few days.
I'm already working on other bundle;)

Other tests using different maps:

I'm building several displacement map to get the most out of your fabric. Here is an example, same shader with displacement off/on, and it's using triplanar mapping so there's no need for proper UV:

More aged leather colors:

Capitonné leather padding:

Quilted padding Muriva:

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: rendering from VFB to C4D or PSD
« on: 2020-05-01, 21:18:51 »
If this can help here is an example I’ve posted on the Chaosgroup forum in order to get consistent results: without the ICC profile there’s always a slight difference between VFB and PV.

I need help Cinema 4D / Re: rendering from VFB to C4D or PSD
« on: 2020-05-01, 18:53:41 »
Making both PV and VFB look the same is non-trivial

Hi Tom, I'm not sure if that is exactly the same problem but Vray has a similar issue if you compare the VFB and PV or viewport content, they do not match.
In the case of Vray when you load the correct ICC profile inside the VFB you get 1:1 results so maybe you can think of something like that.

Hi everyone:)
We are looking for a few beta testers for our upcoming product, it's a huge fabric shader collection with over 400 high end materials.
If you want to test our shaders in your production scenes please let us know (as we still have a few spots available) and you will get the full commercial product for free once released.
We have already selected some beta testers and we are looking for just a few more with great artistic skills and deep knowledge of the render engine in order to test the product properly and share with us some nice images.
If interested to test our materials please let us know by subscribing here

Below are just a few shaders but we have tons more to test, other categories are coming soon!
In case you haven't noticed we also posted more previews here on this topic:

Quilted padding pattern2:

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