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Hi, sorry for late reply, I was occupied with other tasks. Yes - the file name is: Help - zbieraj.rar.

I am having the same issue when simulating the rain via XPresso. It works in a separate file. But not together in the one which I sent to you guys. Please help.

Thanks! It was actually the windows being inside of the fog volume -.-. Because I had the preview of the windows turned on, I followed if the fog is in front of the columns which are behind the windows. So I thought that the volume is in front of the windows but it was not... Oh me :/.

Corona Volume Material is applied to cube-ish geometry. In ends just before the windows. Global fog is turned off.


Why does the fog not appear in the reflection of the window?


That is not true. Proxy will only reduce scene file size and improve viewport navigation, but RAM usage will stay the same if not a little bit higher.

Really? I have seen a drop in RAM usage when rendering through the proxies... I will be rendering something with them in next few days - I will look closely to the results, maybe I am really wrong...

If you have something in the scene that can be turned into proxy, do so. Proxy will dramatically reduce amount of RAM used.

When will they be supported? Afterall they are actually quite important ;).

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-08-28, 16:53:20 »
3ds Max or Cinema 4D?


There is a bug in latest June edition of Corona for C4D. When I render corona proxies via Cloner and Mutli-Instances, I get result with no textures. But when I turn on Render Instances instead, Corona is rendering textures as they should be. This is wrong, right? (see attachments)

Feature requests ARCHICAD / MacOS version.
« on: 2018-11-16, 14:33:27 »
MacOS version.

Gallery / Re: Office HQ for Aarstiderne Arkitekter / Sweco
« on: 2018-09-06, 23:30:44 »
Shoutout from Arkitema ;).

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