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Resolved feature requests / Render Button - Are you sure?
« on: 2019-11-07, 00:40:35 »
Not sure this is a small request but It's something I and a few collegues thought might be useful.
Sometimes when a scene has finished rendering, we often have to load in a corona Config using the "Load" button just below the "RENDER" button - well, sometimes we've accidently hit the "RENDER" button and either lost the image or lost the ability to change the bloom and glare parametres.

Would it be possible to have a promt appear that asks "Are you sure you want to render?"

I'm aware that this isn't a must feature nor a particuarly interesting one, but it sure would help aid the lack of hand to eye cordination we experience sometimes:P

Many thanks,

Bug Reporting / Re: Internal Error in NVIDIA AI Denoiser
« on: 2019-05-30, 17:59:50 »
Thanks Guys,

I've just got another one:

Unknown error (Details: Function "_rtCommandListExecute" caught exception: Assertion failed: "!m_launching : Memory manager launch is already active", file: C:\u\workspace\rel5.1-win64-cuda90-VS2015-build-Release\sw\wsapps\raytracing\rtsdk\rel5.1\src\Memory\MemoryManager.cpp, line: 962)   

I'll take a look at some of the solutions.

I'll let you know if what you've suggested works.

Thanks again.

Bug Reporting / Internal Error in NVIDIA AI Denoiser
« on: 2019-05-30, 15:40:44 »
Just got this message -
Error encountered during denoising.
Unknown error (Details: Function "_rtCommandListExecute" caught exception: Failed to launch DLDenoiser post-processing stage. DLDenoiser run method failed with error -29.)   

Scene is just a sphere with a HDRI .

Cheers and apologies if I've posted this in the wrong part of the forum.

I need help / Issue with "Scene bounding box is too large"
« on: 2018-08-24, 16:43:14 »
I've seen this asked elsewhere but the solutions given where years old and are not working for me.

I'm trying to render a scene I received from a client but if I try to render it an error pops up saying:

"Scene bounding box is too large, some shading artifacts may occur.
Scene bounding box is (minX minY minZ maxX maxY maxZ): -3.33334e+22 -3.33334e+22 -3.33334e+22 3.33334e+22 3.33334e+22 3.33334e+22"

I've never run into this problem before. I've tried save selecting the entire scene and opening a fresh file, importing but the same thing happens.

Strange stuff happens too. It's as if the scene gets frozen when you render it and acts really strange with the Light Mix. The environment pass seems Ok, but everything else becomes extremely buggy.

Anyone know what the issue might be - I've tried the Unit setups solution but no luck.

Thanks in advance.

Gallery / Re: Kinda Blu & Kinda Yello
« on: 2018-05-10, 12:09:25 »
I know it wasn't the focus of the images but I've got to comment on the wood floor -  Looks incredible!

I need help / Re: Hair and Fur Map Issues
« on: 2018-03-29, 14:39:43 »
2) You can use the root and tip color method and it works fine then

Not quite. The preview I posted originally shows that even with the map in the tip and root slots, it gives you an incredibly blurry version of your map (Practically unreadible).

I'm not willing to cough up the dough for Ornatrix to do something I can get away with using a fined tuned shader. Shame, hair and fur is so much fun.

Looking forward to the updates! *Pointing at Dev team* :D

I need help / Re: Hair and Fur Map Issues
« on: 2018-03-28, 13:33:07 »
Another option is using Ornatrix or Hair Farm which support texturing hair out of the box.

Thanks Maru, I'll give these a try.

Is there any hope for Corona being able to do this in the future do you think?

I need help / Hair and Fur Map Issues
« on: 2018-03-26, 16:05:55 »

I've tried following the tutorial corona provides on youtube on this matter, but I don't end up with the same results. (HF_Test_05).
In the video it simply shows him apply the material to the hair and fur.

I'm trying to get the map beneath to show as the fur itself. Where do I put the map to generate it onto the fur?
I've tried putting the map into the shader slot, but all that seems to do is apply a green diffuse colour (HF_Test_02)

Also like to mention that I'm having to go up to 100000 counts of hair to cover the entire surface, is this normal or too high?.

The third image shows the map already applied to the rug using just a bitmap image - this is the image I want projected onto the fur material (HF_Test_03)

I've put the map into all the slots in the material parametres and it sort of produces the map, barely. (HF_Test_04)

If anyone could offer any help I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks Pokoy, this threads been dead for awhile but I thought I'd send my appreciations. I tried all the other options all the web and this is the only one that worked!

For any of you in 2017, the link Pokoy provides actually works.

Thanks again.


I was asked to post this onto this forum from the Converter plugin from 3DS Max, assuming it's your way to figure any problems users run into, which is great idea.

I've attached the error report to this email in Txt format.


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