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I need help / Re: 3dsmax crashing all the time
« on: Yesterday at 17:25:16 »
Are you using Win 10? Do you have all updates installed? It seems like the newest update fixes some random issues for some users.

I need help / Re: Anima rendering with Double motion Blur
« on: 2019-08-20, 15:15:22 »
I just tested newest Anima with 07.08 Corona on Max 2020, and everything seems to work correctly. No doubling.
We will need more details, a simple scene showing the issue would be perfect.

Feature requests / Re: Can CXR Also save the render info?
« on: 2019-08-20, 14:19:49 »
Yep, already logged. I slightly updated the report.

(internal id=296114895)

I think this thread is missing some vital information:
- Which exact version of Corona is used?
- Which Max version?
- Which Windows version? (it looks like Win 7)
- Are there some 3rd party plugins used? (iToo, Laubwerk, Siger, ......)
- Did you send your scene to us? Which upload method did you use, and what's the file name?
- Are any assets stored on the network? If so, does the issue persist if they are stored locally?

Some things that come to my mind based on the information we have right now:
1) It could be somehow related to textures - have you tried converting ALL textures in your scene to 3ds Max Bitmap or to Corona Bitmap? You can do this with the converter script (right click in any viewport > corona converter > then there are two options "Bitmap to CBitmap" and "CBitmap to Bitmap").
2) Proxies - what are your proxy settings? Are you using the "Store in RAM" option? Have you tried toggling it on/off?
3) Are you using the UHD Cache? (performance tab) If so, have you tried switching to path tracing only? (path tracing as both primary and secondary GI solver)
4) It could be some 3rd party app - 3ds Max, some other plugin, or antivirus/firewall doing some stuff in the background. This would be hard to diagnose.

To understand a problem and provide reliable solutions, we need to have as much information as possible, and it is best if we have the scene itself to reproduce that problem. Without it, it is really hard to help, and we can mostly blindly troubleshoot.

Also, did you start a support ticket? (by sending an email to or using this form
I am asking, because I could not find it.

Papuca is from our support team, and Rowmanns from our QA teams. We are investigating this.
If you need immediate assistance, it is always best to use or

Feature requests / Re: Mega-Max-Layered Material-XXExtreme
« on: 2019-08-19, 11:20:38 »
Makes sense. Logged in our internal tracker. Please note that V5 is going to be a mostly maintenance release, so not many new features are expected.
(internal id=387330197)

Devs plis dont ignore me for next 6 years with this one
Ok, you will be ignored for 8 years

I need help / Re: Light-mix Settings
« on: 2019-08-19, 10:04:42 »
Hello, tried reproducing this, but failed. Everything is working as expected. Here are the steps we followed:

    Create any scene with a few LightMix items
    Adjust LightMix settings in the VFB
    Save LightMix preset as a CONF file ("save" button in the LightMix tab of the VFB)
    Reset LightMix settings to defaults
    Load the LightMix CONF file
    Start distributed rendering
    Observe that the CONF settings are applied correctly to the master, but not to nodes.

Please provide more details about this issue and explain what correct steps should be used to reproduce it.
Also, please answer on the questions I asked in my previous message.

Thank you in advance.

A unique opportunity to join our team as Corona Renderer for 3ds Max Support Specialist!

What does it mean and what you will need to succeed:

What will you be doing?
•   Being the key person behind what makes Corona Renderer a love brand: We make our software with the users and for the users.
•   Talk to our users and help them out - as simple as that. This is done through our helpdesk portal, ticketing system, forum, Skype, and possibly other channels.
•   Strengthen our community by being proactive and helpful on our forum. Investigate issues reported by the users.
•   Talk to the rest of the team to resolve more complex support cases.
•   Record tutorials for YouTube, manage our YouTube channel in general.
•   Help us optimize and automate the user support process. (As a newcomer, you will be more easily able to spot any inefficiencies in how things are done. We are here to work it out; we want you to have control over how to get the job done in the best way.)

What will you need to succeed?
•   Excellent communication skills and willingness to help out. This is really important.
•   Experience with 3D graphics as a user.
•   Experience with Corona Renderer for 3ds Max (Cinema 4D and other software knowledge is welcome, but not required).
•   Ability to effectively single out possible sources of problems and to provide useful and effective advice.
•   Ability to work responsibly under low supervision.
•   Good written and spoken English (other languages are welcome, but not required).

What can we offer?
•   Option of working from anywhere you may want.
•   Negotiable working conditions.
•   Flexible working hours.   
•   Interesting job and great colleagues.
•   Work on projects that make sense, developed in close collaboration with and for the benefit of the end users (no paper pushing).
•   Initial training for the new role and opportunity to brush up your 3D graphics skills.
•   Participation on projects with big impact on a global scale (movies, TV ads, land architecture, …).
•   Competitive remuneration package and benefits, based on personal achievements.
•   Various other perks such as company lunches/dinners, team building (laser games, karts, etc.), lectures by our developers, relax room and a small fitness room (if working in our Prague office).
•   Growth within the company (we are expanding).

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Bug Reporting / Re: VFB non responsive
« on: 2019-08-16, 12:01:39 »
I am afraid we will need some more details here. :)
What exactly is happening? In any scene, or in specific scene? In IR or regular render too? What version of Max, Windows, Corona,...
Minidump from the freeze?

General Discussion / Re: Problem with the license.
« on: 2019-08-16, 11:57:11 »
This is already solved. Feodor has actually purchased two subscriptions using two different email addresses, and this caused the confusion. The solution was to use the new email address for activation (the one which was used during the purchase of the new, active subscription).
For the future: please note that the Corona license is registered to the email address, which was used during the purchase (the one entered in the ordering form). If you already own a subscription under some email address, and then you purchase a new one using a different email address, this will result in having two subscriptions under two different email addresses. Obviously we can easily fix that, so such cases should be always reported to or


I need help / Re: Material is changing colour in render
« on: 2019-08-16, 11:51:33 »
I thought it was common knowledge and well agreed it works completely wrong : /. At least for two years.

Well, I'll make a new thread about it later then. The tonemapping is really holding Corona back.

I think it was discussed indeed, and the devs are aware of it, but it won't hurt to start a new thread with nice explanations and examples. Thanks! :)

We will see what can be done here, however this is not a common request, and generally 3ds Max texture baking is quite an obscure tool.

(internal id=259037790)

Gallery / Re: For those about to rock.
« on: 2019-08-15, 16:00:12 »
Woah, this is so aesthetic!

I need help / Re: Material is changing colour in render
« on: 2019-08-15, 14:22:08 »
'filmic highlights/shadows' is just broken, nobody please touch this :- ). We should just get rid of it finally and make real filmic.
How exactly? Do we have some good description of the issues with it?
What I found out (just visually in a few random scenes) was that filmic highlights and shadows both set to 0,8 look similar to Dubcat's photographic LUTs.

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