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This is the intended behavior in Corona 5. We are aware that some users are unhappy about it, and it is one of our priorities for the next version to fix this.
As a temporary workaround you can save your LightMix setup into a conf file ("save" button in the LightMix tab of the VFB) and then load it for a new LightMix setup.
Sorry for this!

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Cave scene
« on: 2019-12-09, 16:52:17 »
Moving to WIP since further tweaks are expected. :)

I would advice placing a portal close to the cave's entrance -
And also this scene just begs for caustics!

Gallery / MOVED: Cave scene
« on: 2019-12-09, 16:51:11 »

Gallery / Re: Drone delivery
« on: 2019-12-09, 16:48:44 »
I like the atmosphere and the idea with hooded figure seating by the bar, but the drone itself seems to be the weakest point.
My quick idea: make it darker (like the 2nd picture maybe), motion blur the drone, add some colorful LEDs to the scene, make it more cyberpunky. :)

Learner's Corner / Re: How do you feel my product ?
« on: 2019-12-09, 16:45:14 »
Moving to learner's corner, because I am sure other users could provide valuable feedback here.

Gallery / Re: Max Senior
« on: 2019-12-09, 16:43:18 »
Wonderful as always.
The only nitpick from me would be that I can see a bit of "watercolor" effect - possibly from denoising or some side effect of post processing.

Bug Reporting / Re: autosave feature...
« on: 2019-12-09, 16:39:10 »
Not sure how to understand this bug report / feature request. What you described is how currently autosave works.
Can you explain what would be the expected behavior for you?
Or what you would like to achieve, that you cannot achieve right now?

What was the difference between your scene where it used to work fine and where it stopped working? What exactly did you change?

(Internal ID=430553805)

Bug Reporting / Re: IR + ForestPack = constant freezing
« on: 2019-12-04, 09:57:43 »
Does it happen with one instance of 3ds Max when it's autosaving?
Does it happen with multiple instances of 3ds Max with autosave disabled?

Bug Reporting / Re: Stuck on 'Computing sec.GI'
« on: 2019-12-03, 17:26:56 »
Yep, as Romullus said, it would be great to investigate those scenes.
Just one idea - what is your RAM usage when UHD Cache calculation freezes? Is it possible that it's because of running out of RAM?

Ok, so here is a programmer explanation for non-programmers:

- The diagram is showing the sRGB color space (the smaller triangle) inside the wide RGB color space (the larger triangle). The wide RGB color space contains the sRGB color space (some color values overlap).
- Originally, we have the blue color which is the corner of the wide RGB chromatic diagram.
- Such color is outside of sRGB.
- In order to convert it to sRGB we have to move the color inside the sRGB diagram, which we do using some transform.
- One way to do it is to move it along the line connecting white color (black dot) with the original color, until we are inside the sRGB diagram. This can change the color hue (as seen in the diagram).

There are different algorithms to map from the wider gamut to the smaller gamut, we may investigate them in the future and see if some work better.

Resolved bugs / Re: railclone random materials not supported
« on: 2019-12-03, 15:21:24 »
The main issue here - "When instancing is enabled in Railclone, randomizing cannot be used, for example using Corona Multi Map" - is fixed, and this should also fix some further related issues.
The fix will be included in the upcoming V6 and its daily builds.

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