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General Discussion / Re: Slow Corona Material Library
« on: Today at 17:39:21 »
Would the GPU switch be a relatively "simple and fast" approach to develop? Anything you guys already tested?
Thanks for the clarification!

Sorry, but I don't think it would be relatively simple and fast, and it hasn't been tested yet. It would be a part of a larger effort to improve the overall Corona UI (VFB, CIE, Material Library, etc).

You're welcome! Always happy to help.

Resolved feature requests / Re: Custom watermark on IR?
« on: Today at 17:08:58 »
Duplicate. Logged as a low priority feature request.

(Internal ID=378932518)

I need help / Re: Post Rendering pixelation
« on: Today at 17:07:17 »
These are very sharp reflections / refractions. Same solutions apply as here:

Looks like a bug. We will check it.

General Discussion / Re: Problem IR Corona 5?
« on: Today at 16:46:32 »
Or some other plugin? Are you able to provide an example scene where this can be reproduced?

Hi, I am not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if you mean controlling lights which are off, or have 100% black color using LightMix, then it is not possible. The LightSelect elements are composed together using the ADD operation. If you have a completely black LightSelect element, adding it to others will result in no change whatsoever.

So the only solution to this is rendering with all lights ON (and preferably set to pure white color and similar intensities) and then turning them on, off, and changing their colors and values using LightMix.

TL;DR invisible lights do not have any color so you cannot change it.

I don't think it ever worked like that, and I don't think it would make a useful feature.
If anyone disagrees, please let me know in which version it worked differently, and how this could be useful.


(Internal ID=531476393)

Yes, the curve adjustment definitely isn't negated. The current workaround would be disabling it (and also any un-doable operations, which unfortunately have to be found by trial and error). We will see what can be improved here.

Sorry, I didn't notice the max file. Looking...

I need help / Re: Displacement Issues
« on: 2020-07-03, 16:25:41 »
Is it any better if you switch from the 2.5D displacement to the classic one? (uncheck the "New 2.5D displacement" checkbox in the Performance tab)
We have some similar issues logged internally, so once they are fixed, this one should be re-tested too.

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