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Hi TomG

Hoo perfect! Nice to know :)
Thank you for the fast response



I just now started to use c4d r21 as well with the new corona render 5. Strange enough is that all files that were made in previous versions of both c4dr21 and corona 4 now when opened with c4dr21 and corona 5 displays a "extra" render attribute... the Software openGL?
I tested rendering with that option on and off and the results are the same. Does anyone knows what that option stands for?

Thank you

And we hope that release will be at the end of the week if all goes as planned, so stay tuned! ;)

That would be amazing! Looking forward :)
Thank you

Hi! The option is not there yet for Lights as you say. This is already known and tracked (internal id 208942843)

Hooooo, I see... Thank you for the feedback ;)

Hi Nuno,

This has now been added to Corona light objects. Feel free to test it out here if you aren't already.

Hi beanzvision,

Thank you for the update!
I can only use corona stable releases due to production environment (no betas or daily builts) so as soon as a new full stable version is out I will for sure use it :)

Thank you for the support.

Hi! The option is not there yet for Lights as you say. This is already known and tracked (internal id 208942843)

Hooooo, I see... Thank you for the feedback ;)

Hello :)

This might be a very silly question...but, Where do I find the shadowcatcher illuminator in a light object?

I know where it is in a light material, but cant seem to find it in a light object. Is there such option in corona for c4d?

Thank you

As far as I know, the Corona Camera Tag on the Mac is still an issue. If you copy the camera tag setting to the Camera/Post Processing tab in the render settings and check Use Photographic Exposure, everything renders fine. At least it's an easy workaround.

Hi BigAl3D

Yes that is a alternative to bypass that issue. Thank you very much for your input :)

I had a test to see it. Just did the post processing on the render settings and the camera without any corona tag. Works like a charm :) although, I think that corona team should fix this issue as it's annoying and would never bypass it if you didn't helped.

Thank you ;)

Hello I would like to know if it is possible to use team render with windows and Mac together as clients.

I had some issues in the past with lighting as described in this here

Had anyone tested or have a team render setup with cross platform OS?

Thank you, best

Yes I see, thank you.
Looks like you work under macOS, in windows pc we need always to execute the program to install it :(. Perhaps in macOS is different and there is no need!?

But anyway a "c4d like update" to fix issues and bugs to the core version would be a great feature. :) If possible of course. ;)


Updating to daily releases is entirely optional - however, if you want a particular fix that is included in a daily build (or a particular feature added in that daily build) then install that daily build would be needed (until the fix makes its way into a final release of some sort). A lot of people in the middle of production work will not install daily builds, since they may change things or have bugs of their own since they aren't final versions.

Yes sure, make sense!
By the way, it would be cool if corona had a "automatic update" to fix some bugs / issues that might appear. Something similar to c4d when they update bug fixes in a core release. hehehe don't know if possible, but it would be pretty good for all :))



I am trying to extract the shadow pass as it is when I render the final image, by using multpass shadow. But, the results are not the same am I doing something wrong?

What I am trying to do is... when I render the image I cut the desired objects with a alpha mask (so that I after can introduce any king of BG) and then insert the shadow pass, but the shadow pass comes out grainy and not as expected (at least to me).

The only way I could achieve a comparable look in the shadows was by disabling seen by camera on the objects and then use a pure white floor and render as a normal render image. This way the shadows are as I expect them and can be used for composite.

Here's some images and the file I am using for the test, am I missing something?

Thank you in advance :)


Hi jojorender, thank you.

Yes I see... as far I can see in Version: 3 hotfix 1 (core 3) do not work. Every time I add layer, the bump effect just looks like it's disabled, or if I have a older file that had that feature now after the update the bump is not working...
Seems like they fixed the issue on newer daily versions, as you shown. Which is good and not good... at least in my case.

Other question kind of related but if needed I can open in other thread.

Do I have to update my corona render version by the daily's releases everytime? If yes, this is kind of a problem to me and the company as we have several licenses and nodes, and if we need to manually install by a daily factor in every machine a new update is counter productive and a pain in the...

Any insight, regarding this and the bug fixes? how can we deal if that @coronateam?

Thank you

Hello everyone! :)

Does anyone else noticed that the bump channel now does not support layers?
In the past I have stacked layers of different bump noises or different images through layers texture, multiply, add, etc... and now when I add a layer into the texture field the bump effect disappears.
Is this a known issue after the new "Version: 3 hotfix 1 (core 3)"? Before that was working!

Edit: I am on Version: 3 hotfix 1 (core 3)

Thank you ;)

Yes, that's unfortunate @BigAl3D.

Thanks @romullus done ;)

Yes I have done, that is why I am asking if anyone had the same trouble in past and could tell me a way of doing / extract a similar output.
Sure, a scene file is always useful. ;)

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