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General Discussion / Move on from Corona to Vray
« on: 2019-11-16, 11:59:40 »
I hate to say this, but I have decided to move on from Corona to Vray, because of:

1. CPU render performance.
Vray next latest build (4.30) is much faster than Corona 5 right now in many aspects.

2. Corona is lacking of some plugins, 3ds max maps, 3ds max light, 3ds max atmosphere effects, and VRscans compability. In short, lack for visual effects.
a. Many plugins, like PhoenixFD, iCube R&D Group plugins, Vue, etc. is not fully compatible with Corona 5.
b. 3ds Max's Falloff (Shadow/Light) is not even supported although I already request it some years ago.
c. 3ds Max's light (Free Spot, etc.) with 3ds Max atmosphere effects are giving incorrect result with Corona compared to Vray.
d. 3ds Max atmosphere effects is not fully supported.
e. Lack of VRscans compability.

3. GPU renderer.
Almost all of the most popular renderer have it, but Corona doesn't have it.

I hope Corona can be the best renderer in the future! Thanks for the supports from the team all this time :)

I need help / Re: Corona 4 fireflies
« on: 2019-07-10, 15:40:50 »
Okay, thanks for the info!

I need help / Corona 4 fireflies
« on: 2019-07-04, 15:29:54 »
Stil having firefly won't disappear problem with Corona 4 Hotfix 1. Even without caustic solver, without any caustics in material, and noise level at 4.76% it still won't disappear.

Successfully uploaded as 1562247089_firefly.7z.

Yes, it works. But you need to render first with the checkbox ticked, then untick it and render again to make the light works. But the NaN in the blue area is still exists.

Corona v3 hotfix 2 is working fine, but it still have NaN. But Coronav4 RC4 can't emit any light and produce NaN.

The project file is already uploaded with private uploader. It is 1559802322_can-t-emit-any-light-and-produce-NaN.7z

Tested & working fine with corona-3-3dsmax-hotfix2, but not working anymore with Corona-4-3dsmax-daily-2019-04-23



Post from another user

Test file attached

You're welcome...


Thank you.

I have managed to reproduce something similar, but not a crash so far during my tests. Can you confirm if my reproduction steps are correct?

Works okay:
1) Load scene
2) Render
3) Everything is ok..

Fails to render:
1) Load scene
2) Select the glow object in the Modify panel
3) Render
4) Internal error message



(Internal ID=342182962)
Both crashed for me in the new uploaded scene.

I don't know why, but the crashed happens again even when I clear and uncheck the Environment Map. It wasn't happen when I render it...

Btw, I just updated the descriptions in the first post too...

Sorry, forget about the previous 3ds max scene. Here's the updated scene with new dump too:

The real problem is corona latest daily build crashed when rendering 'Volume Light' with Environment Map (in the Exposure Control). If you clear and uncheck the 'Environment Map', the crash will not happen anymore.


Are you able to send over a minidump from the crash too please?

Instructions on how to do this are in my signiture.



File uploaded using Corona Private Uploader.

I just updated the uploaded scene.

Corona-4-3dsmax-daily-2019-04-05 crashed when rendering 'Volume Light' with Environment Map (in the Exposure Control). If you clear and uncheck the 'Environment Map', the crash will not happen anymore. I tried to render with corona-3-3dsmax-hotfix2 and it works without any crash.

The test scene updated as 1555505671_test-crashed-2016-r2.7z with Private Uploader.

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