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Activate it in multipass and save it of course (rendersettings).

How did you separate the passes in Photoshop?

You won't get motion blur in moving pages as Corona doesn't support deformed mesh motion blur. Corona looks at objects only when it deals with motion blur.


This is really scene depended as the corona adaptive sampling is not that effective.
We had scenes with high DOF and used 2% with denoising and still got flickering in the background (even with low setting in GI/AA Balance).
That is definetly a thing what they have to improve. Other scenes where you have only one object with SSS and just a background colour the renderer sees 4% reached, but this is 4% noise level for the whole image. Your SSS will still look far from finished.

Long story short, I would recommend to test it. For stills test it in difficult areas of your render, for animations render a complete frame and make sure it fits your needs.


Hey guys,

I tried to render this scene in IR again and surprisingly this time it didn't produce a black result, but the results aren't good.
The skinning modifier is completely ignored! Is there a work around for this?


Sorry, what do you mean with NaNs?

If I fire up the IR it is black from the beginning and doesnt change.

Win10 C4D20.030
Corona 4.0 (core 4) Jun 17 2019 18:34:35

This is weird!

Used Dropbox and it worked now.

IR black

Did the upload work?
Tried it twice but I'm not sure if the upload worked, didn't get a message or something.

If not, I'll try the upload via Dropbox.


Hey guys,

we use Corona Release 4 and figured out a problem with an animation scene.
The scene is built with Motion Clips, contraints, ik etc.

Normal render produces expected results but when we use IR the whole image is black.

I would like to provide the scene via private uploader, just need the link.

Many thanks in advance!



the Intel Denoiser is a combination of speed and quality, but it isn't as high quality as the corona denoiser.


Cheers guys,

I use clearcoat material quite often and it is not that big of a deal.

There are two ways I set them up.

1. Stacked Material
     -Create your base material as you wish and apply it to your mesh
     -Create the clearcoat as followed:
          -disable diffuse and enable reflectance
          -set the IOR to 999
          -enable opacity and use the c4d fresnel shader in the texture slot, set the value to your liking (1.33-1.5 works in most cases for me)
     -apply your coat material to your mesh and make sure it sits after your base material (from left to right)

2. Layered Material
     -Create your base material as you wish
     -Create layered material and put your base material to the base material slot
     -Create the clearcoat as followed:
          -disable diffuse and enable reflectance
          -set the IOR to 999
     -put your clearcoat the layer1
     -use the c4d fresnel shader in the amount texture slot, set the value to your liking (1.33-1.5 works in most cases for me)

If something doesn't work, gimme a hint and I'll check it.



Take that material, which you wanna convert, into an empty scene and convert the material in there.
Then copy and paste it into your render scene. Did the same with lights in the past.

I know it is just a workaround, but better than nothing.


You need to flip green too.


I use those overrides quite often. Give me an example what you want to achieve, maybe I can help.
You feed those slots with materials and usually I use the selfillumination as I need direct visibility most of the time.
I never used the scene environment slot, never needed too.



Maybe you can find something in there, I don't know any other recourse.

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