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The thing is - you don´t rotate the max cam. Just set the film width to 24mm and output size to portrait with image aspect=0,67777. Then the 24mm max cam performs the same as a real rotated 24mm cam in portrait mode without adjusting the focal length.


@Alex, when you rotate the real camera to portrait the film size rotates from 36x24mm to 24x36mm. So when doing portrait mode in 3D the film size should be 24mm.

Br, August

Daily builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.7
« on: 2017-09-29, 13:50:54 »
CoronaCam vertical shift doesn´t work. The field of view is changing when shifting. You can fix it with the zoom factor, but that is not so slick…
Max2017, Corona 1.7 RC4

Br, August

I found a bug in CoronaCam. When using vertical shift the field of view is changing.



Big thanks for the RC!

About the Corona Cam, what is the best way to use it. I want to change the f-stop, ISO and shutter speed when rendering, and thought I could do it by changing the cam settings instead of using “simple exposure”,  but it doesn’t seems to work…?

Does it need exposure control in the environment?
What should I thick in the render setup?


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