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Yes, as I said, there is a problem with the proxy word, because everyone is explaining it differently :) From the Corona side - Corona Proxy is here to help the editor handling high-poly objects in the scene. What you want here is, however, an object importer, because AC is not providing a good way of importing custom geometry except for the libraries => prepare in Max and bring to AC.

To import objects to archicad I use the C4d bridge, but I think 3ds in can do it too. It is a little tricky - it is necessary to modify gdl code: replace some parts but if it is not very difficult - with note++ you can do it in few minutes.
More important is to have a low memory eater object.

I think it is possible to create hi-quality interior visualization by Corona.
But it is not possible to create hi-quality exterior visualization. The problem is the environment - a lot of objects and RAM usage.

for me, corona proxy is more important.
Combo: Corona proxy - Randomization materials - Corona scatter will be great
btw : Is the corona proxy virtual object (low memory eater)?

Thank you.

Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD - general / Re: News
« on: 2019-08-06, 08:13:51 »
This week will be trello roadmap available, I find this a bit clumsy in the end :)
Hi, its great news.

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: A VFB small bug
« on: 2019-06-27, 10:33:15 »
Daily Build 2019-06-26 is public? Where is dowload link?
Thank you

I tried to use the uvw randomizer, but since there is no documentation for corona shaders   I didn't succeed to do anything with this shader....

maybe uvw randomizer will be way - same texture with color variation (uvw random of gradient shader)

Thank, you

Hardware / Re: My new PC for work
« on: 2019-01-24, 07:39:27 »
Do not forget to check RAM compatibility with MB

1000 instances , 300.000 polys each instance, 20gb Ram, 800*600 render size
hm..20gb for 1000instances is too much. render-instaces or multi instances are much more effective for scattering.
I'm curious how to deal with this devteam - (create virtual objects in archicad)

By the way, I found that with minimum modification "coronaProxy.gsm" object work pretty well with Grasshopper connection plugin. see image 1 for the GDL modification needed.

This workflow is a good alternative for scattering objects all over the place using Grasshopper for controlling scale, rotation, preview style or even source file for each scattered instance. Response time are pretty good between GH and ACH, Tried with 1000 tress.

Corona Developers could by default add the boolean parameter "ParamcontrolByGrasshopper" to their coronaProxy.gsm objects, in order to be used directly without the need of any GDL tweaking.
Hi leceta,
could you tell size of proxy file and how many RAM archicad used to render scattering scene please?

Congratulations to commercial c4d release!
I prefer integrateted corona DR with support for native c4d shaders :)
I think that DR is one of key feature of renderer. Prices of corona for 3dsmax and c4d are the same so I expect that corona team will add DR in the future.
First year discount I understand as compensation for missing features that will be added in next year.
Thank you

Are there some solid statistics on achicad usage on different platforms?
I dont think so. I heart the total number of legal users is about 200.000 but its rumours.
Mayby Graphisoft may provide statistic data for you. Definitely they have it.

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD / proxy
« on: 2018-11-26, 16:50:32 »
I have problem with proxy materials. *.cgeo was made by c4d corona.
how to set materials?
Thank you.

Hi I am archicad user. For archviz  I use combo C4D-vray (I think I will replace vray in near future).
Without tools to create enviroment (corona scatter, variation shader, instances, maybe instance resolver, import proxy geometry) it does not make sense to me.
If it is possible integrate it to AC corona it will be awesome.

For very huge scenes with lot of instances is Surfacespread 2 or Octanescatter. The rest is just way too slow.
Stefan  confirmed that New multinstances are much faster than SS2 (export time).
Surface spread might get support for multi instances later.
Could someone from developers test new multiinstances and compare it with surfacespread2?
Thank you.

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