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They have some obvious negatives as universal solution but are still superior when they apply. This is why I don't believe in single solution and it was smart for Vray to retain both algorithms.

Vray2D only takes memory as high as the bitmap footprint so 16k+ maps will obviously no be its forte. But let it sample 4k maps and it will reign supreme.
The algorithm is therefore highly suitable for tiling maps, because there the memory is minimal and the effect is sharpest.

I believe Corona shouldn't so strictly adhere to single option, most users will not be confused by being given two clearly explained solutions. Just like EdgeMap already has two modes of operation, so can displacement.

And I don't think this is anyhow terrible to be solved in UI, one checkbox could be in advanced options inside CoronaMTL, another checkbox would be added to modifier. Really simple,non-confusing additions. Those who don't want to touch it, won't need to. No hassle, no confusion, everyone wins.

Indeed, I adore Fstorm displacement until I want to get creative with procedural work and then you come to a stop. So having two displacement options for two different purposes makes perfect sense ie. Bitmap Disp (so called 2D) and Procedural Disp. Voila :) So easy to say when you are not a programmer hahaha.

Bug Reporting / Re: Incorrect shading on imported geometry
« on: 2018-01-09, 18:52:15 »
Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the prompt  help, indeed you are all correct!
One of our poly modelling hotshots here had a look at the smoothing and normal options and gave up mentioning exactly what you said about explicit normals, so adjusting the shadow terminator shift completely worked!

Thank you!

Maru, the file is attached to the thread in case you ever need an example of this case but more than happy to upload somewhere else if required.

Bug Reporting / Incorrect shading on imported geometry
« on: 2018-01-08, 23:43:25 »
Hi ,

I am working in version 1.6 and my imported polygon geometry (converted from Rhino) is not shading correctly.
I tested in Vray and Fstorm and got the expected results so it is a Corona issue.
Attached are quick screen grabs and 3D File.

Tested on both a dual Xeon E5-2687 and Threadripper on Win 7 and 3DS Max 2016


Bug Reporting / Re: 1.7 slower than 1.6
« on: 2018-01-08, 23:36:02 »
Hi Maru,

Sorry for delay reply, I am using a dual Xeon  E5-267W 3.1GHz. on Win 7.

Yes you are correct the grouped lighting which was mirrored but not rendering in a refreshed IR view is a separate issue.


Bug Reporting / Re: 1.7 slower than 1.6
« on: 2018-01-04, 20:12:27 »
Also the same for me here, I revert back to 1.6 and significantly quicker.
I also discovered that instanced group of lights were not displaying however they worked perfectly once I reverted back to 1.6.

Ok, thanks for the reply Ryuu.

Firstly it has been a while since I used Corona, but have been blown away on my return by how far it has progressed! Big congrats guys!
At the moment I am involved in a lot of lighting studies, Lightmix is proving an invaluable tool with the client.
I realise we can export the CXR into Fusion or Nuke to animate lighting scenarios via passes, but it would be amazing if we could achieve this via a simple key frame timeline within the Corona Image editor....could this be possible or is it too niche for you to consider?


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