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General Discussion / Re: Corona 1.3 Benchmark
« on: 2017-12-20, 13:31:34 »
Therefore, you need to display the actual frequency of the processor, the system bus, and perhaps the model of the motherboard. A lot of talk on the network about what kind of configuration should be a computer for 3DMax. This table will help at least partially solve this problem.
I also want to see the diagram on this table (possibly with grouping by processors). 30 entries on the page are few to analyze the results.
For starters, it would be enough to download the data for self-analysis.

General Discussion / Re: Corona 1.3 Benchmark
« on: 2017-12-20, 01:07:38 »
I would like to see more information about computer configurations to understand what needs to be improved in my computer.
For example, with my i5-3470 processor, there are 29 records, but I'm in 25th place 00:10:05.24, against 00:06:57.21 in the first place

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