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It is possible. You need to use shadowcatcher for the background and set its alpha mode to "for composite". Then save the render to png or tiff with alpha. See attached example. Is this what you're after?

Awesome, thats it, problem solved.... it was exactly what I searched for!

Thank you very much!

Nobody a solution?
... or is this not possible?

Thanks for reply,

Ok maybe I wrote not clear enough - attached what I want as the goal.

So, the picture has 3 main elements:

1. knob with shadow
2. lights
3. grey background

My goal is to render out DIRECT a png file where the original grey background (3.) does not exist No further Photoshop should be required. In the attachement is a png. So, if you would have some new red background, you would see the new red background behind the knob & lights (attachment "bg-example").

The lights & the knob with the shadow (1+2) have to be still fully visible.

Again: Render out a totally normal png file (Knob, Shadows, Lights), only without the grey background of my first post, no further Photoshop actions should be required, just a png with transparency.

Hi all!

I want to render out a knob animation in png frames for a free UI project. Attached you see the final rendering.
The Knob + lights are in a Null-Object Group and the grey background a single plane with a hole.

I can't get it how to have only the knob + lights visible and the grey backround transparnet (alpha)

How I have to (step by step) set the scene/settings up that the knob + lights are visible only (with shadows) & the grey bg is not visible / transparent?

Thanks & stay healthy! :)

It was a camera issue, the ISO was to much. It was my fault, I overlooked the ISO. I had to make the ground to a brighter grey and now everything is ok.

What I learned: Alway have a contrast when set up lighting, a bright material (chair) and a darker (ground) is ideal to set the correct light ((((:

OK seems my fault, but the ground was so okay and i thought the beige was an error...

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / white reflection error
« on: 2018-05-04, 14:27:45 »

suddenly my beige plastic material has white - only -white - texture and reflection. Even when I turn reflection off, this is the case. When I change ISO, F-Stop and other values nothing changes the white color of the chair.  Is it my fault or a bug?

 - newest Corona release, C4D R19 64bit -

... I did not thought about it deep enough.. it was just an idea... yes, sounds really comlicated. i just  thought about from the Light-Multipass render point - with lights - and there it changes everything, too, doesn't it?

Resolved feature requests / "Multipass" Material Rendering
« on: 2018-01-24, 13:55:51 »
It would be nice if you could change the Material Color or the Specular after the rendering, like a "multilight" but with material, even if its just the color (;
This could be for example: The final object render color is green, but you can switch to the second color direcly which is blue, or layer them and you have turquoise..... just an idea

Thanks for the Help, this is an awesome forum!

One last thing: I just don't figure out how to erase this "blue" look (picture 1) when I render with corona sky and without lightmix. When I use HDRI or Lightmix I can change the color of the Sky and everything is fine,, but without lightmix and without a hdri my picture is always so "blue" (I defined the intensitiy of the lights manually and deletet multi pass light mix, now the render is much faster!)

Look at the images attached.

Can you help one last time for now please? I dont know how to make a realistic daylight with corona sky.

Okay, can I make this with my chpset:

Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port 1 - 1E10

or would a new PC be better?


I have 8GB and the initial pass takes very long when the image has more than 100cmx75cm. CPU is very low in this period, Ram is up to 99%. I need the 150cmx100cm so what can I do? I the attachment the project info.


I have a short question: when I render my image out, for example 70x50cm or 95x65 cm (72dpi), the render seems to be constantly fast and quick (2-4 hours). When I icrease the size to for example 150cmx100cm(72dpi, too), the render takes unproportional extrem long and goes up to 50 hours. What can I do without loosing the quality? Can I change settings?

I use a 4light-Mix and I use the latest corona Version.

Thank you all very much (;

Have a nice wekend!

Okay it was the outside of the airplane light, don't know why. Now I have 4 Lights left, i want to have this, like a kind of product-photo studio setup...

Without the outside box it works now.

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