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I need help / Re: Error Writing Image and Missing Files
« on: 2019-07-04, 15:17:54 »
Got it, Thanks Frood and Maru for your help.

I think I'm going to modify your code slightly so it tries 3 times when running into an error. That way there won't be any infinity loop if the file is actually corrupted but I might get all my passes out.

Hopefully the dev team finds some time to fix it soon :)


I need help / Re: Error Writing Image and Missing Files
« on: 2019-06-25, 20:18:12 »
Hi guys,

We're having the same problem. Is the Corona team working on patching the error?

Were you guys able to find a workaround by catching the error in the batch file? If so, would you mind sharing your batch file?



General Discussion / Re: Max freezes with distributed render
« on: 2019-02-07, 18:14:27 »
Hey guys,

We've been having the same issue for about a month now.

When we render without distributed rendering there isn't any problem but when we render locally with distributed rendering or through deadline with DBR have this problem more and more often. I'd say it's about 20-25% of our render that are having this issue.
It's becoming a real problem as with tight timelines we can't afford to have an image render for 4-5 hours and not be able to use it one time out of 4.

I just saw the minidump message so next time it happens I'll send it your way.


I need help / Re: Really slow render for animation
« on: 2018-10-09, 22:36:03 »
Hi guys,

thanks so much for your suggestions we'll have a look at them and try to improve the speed of the scene.
We'll let you know how it goes but I think removing all the Vray things in the scenes will most likely help.



I need help / Really slow render for animation
« on: 2018-10-02, 15:55:51 »
Hi everyone,

We're working on an animation with Corona 2.0 and 3dsmax.
At 1920x1080, most of our scenes takes between 1-2 hours to render on our renderfarm (to get to a noise level of 2.0) but we have a scene that takes 13 hours per frame.

I've tried to remove any unused geometry, collapse railclones, simplify some materials but it still is very slow.

We're lighting the scene with a Corona sun and Sky and some Corona lights.

I looked at the Corona tutorial of Common mistakes but it didn't really help...

What do you typically look at when trying to debug a Corona scene?

I archived the scene and saved it here if you have any time to have a quick look.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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