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Bug Reporting / Re: Unusual error
« on: Yesterday at 14:47:56 »
It does.

Thank you.

Bug Reporting / Re: Unusual error
« on: Yesterday at 13:51:18 »

Hard Disk space, certainly enough. It is actually likely that memory ran out for this scene.

Sadly, I cannot share thanks to an NDA on this project.

Out of interest, what exactly is an exr dump? Is this how the image is transferred from one PC to another during DR? So, whenever the DR is updated it sends across an exr?

Resolved bugs / Re: Confused by IR resolution
« on: 2019-11-20, 13:07:35 »
Thank you! :D

Resolved bugs / Confused by IR resolution
« on: 2019-11-20, 12:36:38 »
Hi hi,

So, I'm currently working on two PC's; one on windows 7, the other on windows 10. Both have max 2020 and Corona 5.

I've recently noticed a weird problem with my IR on the windows 10 PC (the IR is coming out blurry, or more precisely pixelated....but that's for another topic). When comparing IR on the two machines I'm dumbfounded why one does full-screen IR at 1329x997px, while the other does full-screen IR at 657x493px?

Both are running 1920x1080 resolution. The only tangible difference is that one PC uses dual 27" inch set-up (the windows 7, I've cropped out the second screen from the screengrab) while the windows 10 PC displays on a single 23inch monitor.

What's going on here? What am I missing? Please see two screengrabs for comparison

I'm a big fan of Pulze. I think it's price is fair at €50/year (I think?).

It is limited in some capacity, and isn't yet fully loaded as it's still quite new. I'm beginning to have good discussions with the creators and they're somewhat responsive (but nothing compared to the amazing responsiveness of corona!).

I'm sure vexus is a good alternative, but from the preview it looked awfully complicated, but I may be wrong from the comments above.

I'd recommend Pulze. I came to it having not used any other similar plug-ins and only working in Corona+Max for a year or so, but it's still dramatically improved my workflow and I use it every day.

Bug Reporting / Re: Unusual error
« on: 2019-11-19, 14:16:21 »
Hi, log files here:

I also uploaded the *.exr yesterday via the dropbox. Sorry, cannot remember it's full name other than it had my username in it.

Bug Reporting / Re: Unusual error
« on: 2019-11-19, 10:00:30 »
Some further information.

Since receiving this error, I can't use DR on this scene at all. Rendering in DR on other scenes works fine, but this one won't get past the parsing stage.

I merged the scene into a completely new file and DR was successful. However, DR rendered only 1 pass then stopped working and did the exr dump. What exactly is this exr dump?

I saved the 3 logs in case they are wanted...

Hoping for further info to get DR back up and running on this scene. Thanks!

Bug Reporting / Unusual error
« on: 2019-11-18, 17:22:26 »

Sorry if this is the wrong protocol for bug reporting. I got this error, I have uploaded the *.exr as requested. (Via dropbox)

I need help / Re: Hair + Fur Crash
« on: 2019-11-14, 10:38:03 »
Bah! Now I can't replicate the crash at all either. Any any circumstances. Weird.

Seems to be all OK (for now). So thanks for the help....

I need help / Re: Hair + Fur Crash
« on: 2019-11-14, 10:25:00 »
Hey aaouviz I took a look into your scene, in the initial scene where you are experiencing the crash, are you rendering with DR (because it's on)? Also did you manually put to save the UHD cache into a dropbox path on one of your drives?
I was using DR, yes, but when testing the fur crashing my DR wasn't functioning, although switched on. Also, the crashes were happening during IR tests too, so no DR here, right?

Not sure what you mean "manually put to save", but I was (at some point using UHD saved in a dropbox folder).

Does disabling the Distributed Rendering solve the crash for you? Can you please try and report your results?

Will test this out for you now.

I need help / Re: Hair + Fur Crash
« on: 2019-11-14, 08:58:52 »
Further info:

I made a completely new scene in max 2020. (Previously working in 2018, where the last scene was initially made).

I copied the rug into the fresh scene and viola, no crash (yet).

This might be the way to go?

I need help / Re: Hair + Fur Crash
« on: 2019-11-14, 08:49:32 »
Do you have user name non English? Hair do not like non english name in path to docs and may crash.
Not sure if it was fixed

Fairly sure it's all english, but I did buy it from 3dsky, so high possibility it's not!

Thanks will check it out

Hi, I had the same problem

I solved it (I think!) by creating the materials folder manually in the corona folder before installation.

If this doesn't work, can you copy the folder from another PC?

I need help / Re: Hair + Fur Crash
« on: 2019-11-13, 14:49:24 »

Uploaded scene and minidump. Thanks.

I tried debugging without any luck; I turned off displacement. Turned of auto-saving file. Turned off denosing.

No luck. The only thing left for me to try is uninstall 2018 (even though I'm using 2020 for this testing).


I need help / Hair + Fur Crash
« on: 2019-11-13, 14:14:28 »

I'm trying to render an animation which features a static (ie; not moving) hair + fur object.

I have the 'coronahairmod' applied underneath the native max hair fur modifier. I have my settings as "mr prim".

My render would crash every time (either when finished or cancelled) in max 2018. My understanding was that this should not happen in 2020, but now after upgrading to 2020, it is still crashing.

I'm on Corona 5. Windows 7.

Any ideas? Thanks!

EDIT: Max seems to crash in the "cleaning up" task of corona render.

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