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I had same error, the reason was - that by some cases NvidiaAiDenoiser wasn't installed by the corona installer, so i downloaded it and installed separately.
That was the solution for me.

I need help / Re: Any idea how to achieve this ?
« on: 2017-10-15, 13:03:37 »
I think I have an idea:
Maybe you can try instead of converting to mesh - convert to splines, and then scatter spheres with forest/railclone/corona scatter by splines?

Cant try it now, but you can check.

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: Free HDRI's
« on: 2017-10-12, 11:48:04 »
I tried "pond_bridge_night_4k.hdr" and "waterbuck_trail_8k.hdr" (I don't have links, sorry, just checked my downloads folder). But I'm still on 1.5.2 if that makes any difference.

"pond_bridge_night_4k.hdr" was exactly the same file i tried yesterday without any issues with 1.7 RC8, i'll try "waterbuck" and if it'll load fine, then it probably will be safe to assume, that whatever issue was in 1.5, it is fixed now.

I also got errors with few of this maps, but only with maps that are lower than 16k.

What version of Corona did you try with?

1.7 RC7

Corona Goodies! - User contributions / Re: Free HDRI's
« on: 2017-10-12, 11:34:17 »
I also got errors with few of this maps, but only with maps that are lower than 16k.

I need help / Re: V-Ray Convertor
« on: 2017-09-03, 16:21:30 »
Check 999 freshnel IOR chechbox and change it for example to 1.54 or whatever

i think vray hdri, vray triplanar texture. should be useful...
but we have both already...

Ok, as long as we see in future plans compatibility of vraymtl and vrayproxy when we should expect the coronamaterial and coronaproxy compatibility in VRay?
I know that this question should be addressed  to Vlado, but maybe even you can give some answers?
Or maybe Vlado itself can post some info?

about DomeLight, I don't have longer experience with vray but what I understand is it is a feature which gives user a room to store custom lighting options, am I right?
if ondra doesn't want it because of it could hurts corona's simplicity but in other hands users really need custom lighting options (including me sometimes).
then .. what about integrate custom lighting inside the CoronaCamera? :)

That's looks like very good idea, and maybe even improve it with implementation of something similar to camera resolution mod posted in one of the threads so users could have different settings for environment light, resolution etc. per camera

Regarding DomeLight requests - adding DomeLight would not resolve Corona's inability to store multiple environments for LightMix. That's a completely separate and more complex problem. What introduction of DomeLight would do is just making IBL setup in Corona more confusing and less straightforward.

Then there should be another solution for the cases when need to keep 2 and more different environments in one scene with easy access, control and switching. Not everyone works with the slate material editor to keep separate tab with different environment maps, so this is not the solution.

VRayFur, VRayDomeLight as separate light source object and 2D displacement.
This is the first things that comes into my mind.
Agreed, having a dedicated Dome Light in Corona wouldn't be bad, it would be easier to manage different lighting scenarios and make converting scenes a bit easier, too.

That's the idea of DomeLight for me, having multiple HDRI's in one scene and fast access to them via light lister.
I think this is must have option that will make life much easier.

VRayFur, VRayDomeLight as separate light source object and 2D displacement.
This is the first things that comes into my mind.

Resolved feature requests / Re: Corona Camera functions
« on: 2017-08-14, 14:25:13 »
+1 for Johans and Jens suggestions

I need help / Re: Corona DR and animation
« on: 2017-08-13, 16:30:56 »
Dont use DR, if you use backburner just sent the animation to all available servers.

I need help / Re: The color in 3ds max is off
« on: 2017-08-12, 15:53:03 »
Switch to corona color picker

Also same problem occurs when using GToolsLightLister - changing colors with corona color picker via lightlister not working

General Discussion / Re: AMD Ryzen 7 series and Corona?
« on: 2017-05-02, 10:54:53 »
Not sure, maybe. For now it's just more just enough for me.

lupaz - for me no any noticeable difference between my new ryzen and old i7 4790K in software that i use.

ryzen 1700 = i7 4790K ??
did you mean the renderspeed doesn't has noticeable difference too?
I saw the corona benchmark, there is some difference there if I'm not wrong..

I answered to lupaz question about single thread tasks speed feeling.

In multi-thread tasks like render for sure my 1700 about 2 times faster then i7 4790k.

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