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Thanks a lot Rowan.


Thanks for any help.

Tyflow…. ok, will give it a try. But I rarely used particleflow in the past, so it might be to high for me. But I will try :)

I need help / Hair and Fur driven by Corona distance map?
« on: 2019-09-09, 22:02:41 »
I have a question regarding some refreshing problems. Dont know , if caused be MAX or CoronaMap. Cant tell.

The idea is, to use a corona distance map, to drive the scale or cut lenght of the Hair&Fur modifier. I thought I could use it for... a rolling ball into a grass field for example. It would be cooler to get the grass/hair to bent to the side, but scaling em down to create something like a path would do it for me as well.

Using MAX2019 and Corona4

It works for the first time. Right after I pluged in the DistanceMap into the correct slot. But if I need to change something in the MAP, the map is set back to 0, like there is none. I mean, all the settings are still there, but in the render it seams like there is no map.
The only solution now, is to "cut" the map and paste it again. It will work for ONE render process only. So I have to paste again and again.

Any idea or tip for a workaround?
Thanks in advance for your help.


if you set this MAX RAY DEPTH to low, it will happen as well.

not sure if it was Vray…… in the glassmaterial you could define how many time the lightray should travel between the glass and which Color it should get after Xtimes.

I need help / Re: glass translucency for light
« on: 2019-08-01, 16:43:32 »
Yes Romullus,
sorry for that!!

I need help / Re: glass translucency for light
« on: 2019-08-01, 16:42:52 »
oh man...
I am stupid!
Please, forget my post.
The Light and glass is working fine!
It´s not the lightsource IN the lamp, that is causing this shadow.
The shadow is comming from the envy.

Sorry for this

now it looks better

I need help / glass translucency for light
« on: 2019-08-01, 16:06:31 »
I try to use a frosted glass cylinder, surrounding a lightsource.
But the resulting shadow, on the wall acts like there is no light. It is just a flat shadow (left side of the attached Image).
Shouldn´t the shadow be lighter at the height of the lightsource?
Is there a checker I missed to check in the glass material, maybe?

Thanks in Advance for your help

uh Maru. The right one looks nice.

Wouldnt it be ok to just ad some fur the the wool, just to get some hairs overlaping at the edges?


I need help / Re: Material is changing colour in render
« on: 2019-07-25, 20:25:52 »
not sure if I got it right.... your problem is the dark green, that does not get lighter, although you crank up the light, right?
Are you using an overridematerial or a rayswith? Maybe the object is excluded from your light? Is the rest getting lighter? Are the normals facing out? 


YES Romullus
you´re right!
I tried the same in an old Corona, MentalRay and scanline, facing the same problem.

But how do YOU work with this? Is there a workaround? Or shouldnt I use "realWorldScale" ? With this wirred preview, I cant use em for a library.
For example the Arroway Textures. A concrete wall is given with the overall size. So to use it in the same scale, I would choose "rws". Is that wrong?
Otherwise it is only eyeballing.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I tried to Setup a new material and used Maps in real world scale with the correct sizes for height and witdh. In the Bitmapnode it Looks ok, but as soon as I nudle em into a MIX or Composite node, the preview seems to be scaled in a wirred way.    After reloading the Material, the Bitmap nodes as well look wrong in small size preview, but in bigger size they are Looking ok again (Marked in blue).
And as you can see at the Image, the Material Previewball itself Looks wirred as well.

Any idea?
I use MAX 19 and did no update. It worked fine till I istalled Corona4 last week, so it might be something with this?
Maybe you have heared About this and could give me a hint how to solve this issue.
Thanks in Advance.

I have one question to all this different gamma loading thing.... I used to load the Maps as following: diffuse-leave it at 2.2, and gloss/ref/bump/normal/displacement with "overide 1.0" assuming they are all saved as JPGs. But, if I use a taken photo of a Surface and mix this in photoshop/quixel or substance to a bump or normal map and save that one as JPG …. do I have to use Gamma 1 as well, because it was degamma.ed when loading in PS?

Thanks in advance

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